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The experienced Toronto employment lawyers at Lecker & Associates have helped clients resolve disputes with their employers for over 35 years. From negotiating fair severance packages, securing disability benefits and offering strategic advice on employment contracts, to litigating egregious human rights violations and workplace

harassment cases, we represent our clients aggressively and with swift efficiency.

Our singular focus is to fiercely defend employee rights.

We operate with deep expertise in this field.

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As skilled negotiators, our employment lawyers settle most cases without going to trial. However, we don’t shy away from trials when circumstances demand them. We have accrued deep knowledge and experience to litigate your case from Ontario Provincial Courts to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Employment Law Services

Our experience, crafted over decades of practice, allows us to represent you with excellence.

Some of our services include:

Every case we manage is unique and distinctive to the circumstances of our clients. But we see a common theme in all of them. Our clients lack knowledge about their employee rights and entitlements.

We level the playing field


Legal Fees

Are you concerned about your ability to afford legal fees? Do not let deter you from obtaining your lawful entitlements. At Lecker & Associate, we do not require a retainer up-front for most cases. Instead, we charge a percentage of the settlement we obtain for you.



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Ministry of Labour & Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

You can file a claim with the Ministry of Labour or OHRT for free. The administrative procedures are straightforward and retaining an employment lawyer is not compulsory. However, before you decide on self-representation, know that your employer will likely hire professional legal counsel to defend themselves. We strongly recommend you proceed with equal representation yourself, especially if your case is complex, to improve your chances of success.

Furthermore, both the Labour Board and OHRT have limitations. A Labour Board ruling will only allow you to collect the minimums stipulated by law. They do not consider extra compensation you might rightfully qualify to receive under Common Law. Similarly, the Human Rights Code addresses matters of discrimination. Accordingly, they will not award amounts for lost wages, severance pay, bonuses, etc.

Our employment lawyers only take on your case if we believe we can get you more than what the Labour Board and OHRT might award.


Dependent Contractors - Keenans Case - Kennans, Bram Lecker's Office

The Keenan Case

The Keenan Case represented a watershed moment for contract worker rights. The judge recognized them as a new class of worker, the Dependent Contractor, with rights no different from employees.

The Keenan’s received the highest ever compensation awarded to contract workers dismissed without compensation in Canada. And this case directly influenced changes to our employment laws.


Can my employer ask me to sign an employment contract that suggests I can be let go at will ?

Employees applying for jobs at Canadian subsidiaries of U.S. corporations should review their employment contracts closely.  We often find at will termination clauses which supposedly allow employers to fire employees without notice.  First of all, our laws completely prohibit such clauses . In this matter, there is little room for a Canadian employer to maneuver. They must offer notice or severance pay in lieu to employees.  If you must sign such a contract to land the job, consult with one of our lawyers.  In almost all cases, our courts will consider the clause void when taken to trial.

Am I entitled to my old job when I return from disability or maternity leave?

You remain an employee of the company when you are on disability leave or parental leave. You may return to your original or one comparable to it. Your employer cannot fire you for being on leave. And if they do, then they must prove that it was for reasons unconnected to your leave. Our courts will demand evidence and the bar is set very high, indeed.
If your leave extends beyond two years, your employer can fire you by declaring the employment relationship “frustrated”. And in this event, you should consult with one of our lawyers.

How much severance am I entitled to when my employer lets me go?

When your employer decides to let you go they must offer you fair notice that your job is ending. You can use this time to look for alternative work while earning a salary.
Alternatively, your employer can offer you severance pay in lieu of this notice period.  The Employment Standards Act outlines the minimum standards for notice and severance pay. However, if your employer terminates you without cause, then you could be entitled to more than the minimum. The circumstances of your employment come into play to determine the fairness of your severance package, such as your age, your position, length of service and how long it will take you to find another job. If you are close to retirement and at a senior point in your career, chances are you will find some challenges to land an equivalent job any time soon. And in this case, your severance should be much higher than the minimum. Contact us before you sign any termination contract to ensure you don’t leave money behind.

If my employer changes my job description or pay, do I have to accept it?

This sometimes occurs when new owners take over a company with existing employees.  They start announcing the “new order” and all of a sudden the terms of your employment change.  This includes seniority, job descriptions, location and hours of employment, etc.   It may even include wage cuts.  If these changes are necessary for the survival of the business then your boss has to provide you with options.  He cannot unilaterally change the terms of your employment.
In exchange for the wage cut, they should offer you equivalent “consideration”. Examples are more vacation time, signing bonuses, reduced hours etc
If these changes are not acceptable to you, then your employer must offer you an adequate severance package to end your employment relationship.

My employer has hired me as a “contractor” but I perform the same job as an employee. Is this legal?

This is one of the most contentious employment issues of our times. Lecker & Associates fought a precedent setting case which clarified laws that remained open to interpretation before. If you are a true “Independent Contractor”, then you must remain fully in control over your work assignments.  Essentially, you would operate like a business. Many project based contractors operate in this manner. They pay their own taxes and generally use their own resources (tools & equipment, etc.); they can set their own hours and also hire employees to complete portions of the work. Often, fees charged by contractors are higher than wages for hourly employees.
Any other type of arrangement is likely that of a “dependent contractor”. They may be skirting the law. They might be avoiding paying out your CPP, EI and severance benefits. Contact one of our lawyers for an assessment of your case.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

After I was laid off I went to a law firm that told me, after charging me $450 up front and a short consult that nothing could be done and I had no case. I decided to call Lecker & Associates to get a 2nd opinion. I sent in my details and was called immediately by Matthew Fisher. He explained to me that I had a great case and he went through all the details of filing suit and the entire process in a calm manner. Matthew and staff guided me throughout the process and a settlement was received from my former employer, one that I would not have gotten had I listened to the first lawyer I met. I would recommend that you call Lecker & Associates if you have been let go from your job, even if you’ve consulted another law firm. The difference between a good lawyer and one that is not so good, is whether they can see details where other lawyers do not and this can result in massively different outcomes, as I experienced first hand. Great job Matthew, Eslita, Dora & team!

Ong Ba

I want to share my experience on how Lecker & Associates Employment Lawyers helped me at a most vulnerable and crucial time in my life while I was dealing with an employment matter. I want to mention how incompetent, confused and completely inept I was feeling by what had transpired and the best thing that I did was to go with my gut instinct after meeting Mr. Jordan Reiner. First of all he was empathetic, very clear in his explanation and to the point. He had a plan in place before I left the office fully supported by facts and legislation. I cannot say enough about him and his team in terms of professionalism, timely responses and taking the time to listen and explain without making me feel inadequate. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and most importantly I would recommend anyone who is seeking legal help in employment matters to consult with Mr. Reiner.

SD Dhal

I would highly recommend Lecker & Associates. Going through an employment issue is never easy, but the team here were by my side every step of the way. They take the time to explain your options and help you make informed decisions. This is the team you want on your side!

Mike Farrow

Excellent service was provided by the team at Lecker & Associates. Would highly recommend them to represent you in Employment Dismal cases. Very efficient and thorough when dealing with my previous employer legal team. Took control and handled all aspects during this difficult time, they kept me informed throughout the entire process and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result!

Golf Guy

Professional, reliable and supportive. That’s how I would describe the law firm. It’s not fun to deal with employment law, but they will help you get through it. A+++, If you need legal help, call them now

Sam Ekenasi

I had the pleasure of working with Maria Esmatyar in my settlement case. She was professional and informative.She explained the expectation from our first meeting and worked hard to achieved that goal. At the end, she made a negative situation into a positive experience. Thanks Maria.

John Lim

Jordan Reiner handled my case and I feel very fortunate that I found him. He delivered exactly what he promised the first time I saw him. He did an exceptional job of working with me to get to a fair settlement and exceeded all my expectations. I will highly recommend Jordan to any professional looking to hire an Employment Lawyer.

Adrian D.

I highly recommend Simon Spelsmakher & his senior law clerk Eslita Ramkishun from Lecker & Associates due to their high degree of professionalism and tremendous amount of knowledge they had in resolving my claim in a timely manner. They all worked together consistently, and diligently in order to make this legal process smooth and successful!

Sara Spagnuolo

Let’s face it, dealing with an Employer/Employee issue, can be very stressful. Mine was no different. However, I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a trusted friend, who said it was the best legal experience he’d ever experienced. So, I met with Jared Lecker & Jassanthy Pakirisamy, and guess what? My stress was immediately relieved. They were sincere, courteous, professional and extremely communicative, during the entire process. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates. If you’re looking for a true partner to help guide you to a positive result/outcome, you need to “at least” meet with them. #VerySatisfied

Bill Banham

I have been to multiple employment lawyers and never have I met a lawyer like Jordan Reiner. Not only is Jordan the most thorough and knowledgeable employment lawyer I have ever worked with, he is incredibly personable and he gets results! He and his team are excellent communicators, particularly his law clerk, Ashley Hussey. If you have an employment issue, look no further than Jordan Reiner at Lecker & Associates.

Kelly Gray

Back in September 2020, I was laid off. This was the first time in my 20+ year career that I was out of work. My fiance told me that her best friend’s husband used Matthew and his team in the past when he was unexpectable laid off. From the initial call and throughout the entire process it has been absolute pleasure working with Lecker & Associates. I was pleasantly surprised with the severance package that they got me. It was more than what I was expecting. I recommend Matthew and his team to any individual that has been unexpectable laid off. You won’t regret your decision.

Louie Florovski

From the very first phone interview to discuss my employment matter with Ian, I was heard and acknowledged. I genuinely felt I had an strong ally in Ian and that Lecker & Associates had my back. During my correspondences I also was impressed with the follow ups and professionalism of Tina. At one point I was distressed and remember clearly that Tina called me and talked to me like a friend and reassured me that a positive settlement is in the works and everything will work out, which it did. Ian and Tina guided me through a very difficult and stressful time in my career and personal life and helped me to move forward and feel energized.

Raheem Pirani

Maria Esmatyar was my lawyer and was a huge help in an employment matter I had. She was professional and quick. She was successful in negotiating a substantial settlement in my case. I would highly recommend her. The rest of the staff were also very helpful. Great law office!

Tara Payne

I was referred to Lecker and Associates, and especially to Matthew Fisher, by a colleague when I needed assistance regarding an employment law issue. Matthew Fisher, and this firm, are truly the best at what they do. Matthew is an excellent, knowledgeable, expert lawyer in Employment Law, can grill down to the facts at hand, and aided my family and I through a turbulent time. His persistence, patience, fortitude, wisdom, and case experience were of great assistance. His sound objectivity and desire to do best for his client helped me through some emotional reasoning (on my part), and I can unequivocally say that Matthew is a remarkably effective and efficient lawyer. Matthew, and his Senior Law Clerk, Eslita, were tremendous and supportive throughout this ordeal. I have no reservation or hesitation in recommending this Firm, and especially Matthew Fisher, to anyone looking for good and solid advice on any employment matter. I am grateful to Matthew, Eslita, and the firm, for achieving the results they did for me and my family. Thank you very much

Nazmin Adatia

Most of us spend our careers being loyal to our employers but when things turn sour, and you are no longer an “asset” it is hard to know who you can turn to for honest help.  After seeking advice from seasoned HR professional friends, I was recommended Lecker & Associates.  I was fortunate to have Matthew Fisher and Eslita Ramkishunon on my file and they proved to be an incredible legal team.  They demonstrated genuine empathy, were exceedingly responsive, and always helped me understand the legal process throughout the difficult times. Importantly they always kept my expectations in check and focused on the law, not what you see in courtroom dramas on TV.  Matthew’s case and legal knowledge were amazing and really helped to ground my case in both reality and the law.  Eslita’s responsiveness, positivity, and friendliness always made me feel that I was not just another file.  I would unreservedly recommend the firm to anyone who needs competent, considerate, and professional employment legal help. They both worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf, and I can’t thank them enough for helping ensure justice prevailed. Thank you so much

Kevin D’Souza

I am so happy that I called Lecker & Associates. Maria Esmatyar & Jassanthy Pakirisamy were amazing, very professional, thorough & patient. They always answered all my questions promptly, kept me up to date, made me feel confident & good about my case. I was very pleased & impressed with Maria’s skills, professionalism & results. Maria & Jassanthy did an exceptional job. I highly recommend Maria Esmatyar & Jassanthy Pakirisamy & the whole entire team at Lecker & Associates. Thank you all very much..

Angie Bertola

This was the first time my husband needed an employment lawyer to help him resolve his matters with former employer. We worked with Jordan Reiner and Ashley Hussey at Lecker & Associates. They both are very knowledgeable and very professional. They kept us informed and explained every step of the process.  Jordan work diligently to make certain we were happy with the outcome. Highly recommend Jordan Reiner and Ashley Hussey for any employment issues.

Izabela Pejic

I do not have enough good things to say about Maria Esmatyar and her Clerk Jassanthy Pakirisamy. I was involved in a sensitive employment matter and both Ladies took their time to listen to my complaints and provide unbiased options on how to proceed. A couple weeks into the matter I changed my mind on how I wanted to proceed and Ms. Esmatyar again took the time to listen and provide options based on the change of coarse. I highly recommend their services to anyone who has no knowledge of their rights as an employee. They were both very responsive, very knowledgeable and made sure that I was receiving exactly what I needed. Although I am hoping to avoid being in the situation again, I wouldn’t hesitate to engage their services again if needed.

Kate Strank

I had an employment matter that I needed resolved and decided to seek help from Lecker & Associates. I am very pleased with the advice and support I received from Kimberley Sebag and Tina Yaghoubi. They were both a pleasure to deal with and very supportive during a stressful time. Kimberley had the patience and care to go over all details with me and made sure I understood and provided excellent advice. I highly recommend seeking advice from Kimberley if you have an employment situation.

Vanessa Botelho

I have nothing but good things to say about Matthew and Eslita from Lecker Law.  My emails and calls, over the course of our multi-month relationship, were always answered promptly.  I always felt valued and never rushed. The responses to my many questions were straightforward and often explained through recollections of past cases drawn from the firm’s deep experience in dealing with a wide range of Canadian and international organizations. Matthew offered me an extremely clear, and in the end accurate picture of what to expect in terms of compensation and the duration of my case.
Highly recommended.

David, Toronto

I would definitely recommend contacting Lecker & Associates to review any employment issue that you may have. They are a top notch organization. From the initial introduction through the entire legal process, the team of lawyer Jordan R. and his assistant Ashley H.  were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They maintained open communication throughout the legal process and were always available if needed. Thank you Jordan & Ashley for all your efforts which resulted in a positive outcome at the end of the day.


I had the pleasure of working with Maria Esmatyar and  Jassanthy Pakirisamy for my mother’s case. They were both very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. They took their time to explain everything to us clearly which helped us feel more comfortable and reassured during such difficult times. Moreover, they worked extremely fast without any delay which was so appreciated. My mother and I highly recommend both Maria and Jass!

Roxy hlw

My wife’s friend was represented by Jordan for her employment matter, and she stated that Jordan was worth every penny!  Jordan guided me through my own employment matter and gave me confidence that I made the right decision to have Lecker and Associates represent me.

At all times, I was informed about the status of my case, and Jordan always advised me on my options; he also always gave me the opportunity to decide on how I wanted to proceed.  Ashley consistently let me approve all the correspondence sent on my behalf, and she diligently sent me responses from my previous employer’s lawyer.

I highly recommend Lecker & Associates.

Dominic Wen

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