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The case for National Short-Term Disability Insurance

As an ill or disabled employee, you may have tried to access your employment disability benefits. If so, you already know they are not the “peace of mind” contracts you believed them to be. Almost all short term disability benefits are denied by private insurers. Bram Lecker makes the argument for how simple it would be for the Federal Government to implement a National STD Insurance Plan for all Canadians, replacing the current circus playing out through private employment run plans.

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short term disability claims

Short Term Disability Claims

Anatomy of Short Term Disability Claims. A majority of short term disability claims get denied. The insurance company will likely determine your condition to be ineligible or not serious enough. It does not matter whether this is completely contrary to a diagnosis by trained medical professionals. What is going on here?

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Denim pocket with a wrench sticking out and and a note reading job search | Severance Pay and Employment Insurance

Severance Pay and Employment Insurance

The Canadian Federal Employment Insurance (EI) program is a social safety net that covers eligible employees temporarily for some income loss when this happens. If you receive notice and/or severance as part of your layoff, then you must understand the implications of severance pay and Employment Insurance.

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Employee Mental Health showing Man on couch with head in hand

Employee Mental Health

Many workplaces refuse to accept employee mental health as a problem. They discriminate against employees suffering from anxiety and depression, often exacerbating the nature of the illness.

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