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Calculating Severance Pay In Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Calculating Severance Pay in Ontario

You have just been let go by your employer. This is going to impact you financially. If they offered you a termination package, then it is time to take a very close look at the details. These payments represent a financial bridge until you are employed again. In order to make sure you do not leave money behind, you need to understand your legal entitlements.

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Stress Leave in Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Stress Leave in Ontario

Workplaces continue to ignore the impact of the pandemic on employee mental health. Some choose to openly discriminate against employees with anxiety and depression, exacerbating the nature of the illness. Consequently, stress leave is on the rise in Ontario.

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Season to be Fired

T’is the Season to be Fired!

Your holiday spirit might be suppressed this year with all that has occurred in 2020. The pandemic ensured this was indeed the year to be fired and we expect job losses to continue. It is very important for employees to understand their employment rights and we hope this series of COVID-19 related blogs help you navigate your workplace matters.

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A woman being examined for back pain by a medical professioinal

Disability Claims for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can debilitate and keep individuals from work. If you need to tap into your private disability benefits to take time off to rehabilitate, proving your case will be an uphill battle. Typically, here is how matters play out.

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Illegal Layoffs

Illegal Layoffs And COVID-19

The pandemic appears to have brought out the worst in some employers, as illegal layoffs start to grow in Ontario. Some employees remain at a higher risk for this type of bad faith treatment.

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CERB to EI and other programs

Transition from CERB to EI

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), implemented by the government at the beginning of the pandemic to provide Canadians with temporary income replacement, ended on October 3, 2020. Recipients can now transition to EI and other programs.

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