Bram A. Lecker – Principal

Bram A. Lecker – Principal

Employment Lawyer, Toronto ON Canada

Bram A. Lecker

B.A., LL.B.

As Principal of Lecker & Associates, Bram A. Lecker is one of the most experienced employment lawyers in Toronto. Even after three decades in the business, he continues to actively participate in client cases by mentoring a stellar team of employment lawyers.

Dedicated to a law practice that exclusively provides employment law services to employees of Ontario, Bram has developed a deep specialty in this field. He has litigated numerous cases including wrongful dismissalconstructive dismissalworkplace harassment and denial of disability benefits. With a singular focus on employee rights, Bram and his team represent their clients aggressively during job layoffs and severance package negotiations

Over the years, Bram has represented cases which have had a direct influence in making our labour laws more progressive. The most compelling case took place in early 2016 where Lecker & Associates secured the highest ever compensation for a wrongfully dismissed so-called “independnet contractor”. What was especially relevant about this case was the fact that it cleared up the fuzzy lines of interpretation that existed between the status of “dependent” and “independent contractors”. Shortly after, the Ontario Government introduced protections for contract workers when they passed Bill 148 in 2017.

About Bram A. Lecker

Bram obtained an Honours B.A. in Canadian Studies from York University and attended law school at the University of Ottawa. The province of Ontario subsequently called him to the Bar in 1984. Since then, Bram has worked tirelessly at his craft. Today, he is recognized as one of the most experienced and respected employment lawyers in Ontario. He has appeared numerous times at both provincial and federal courts as well as the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Bram has always been very generous with imparting the knowledge he has gained in this field. He is a regular contributor to the blogs on this website and has been published in leading newspapers, magazines and legal publications. These include the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, National Post and Maclean’s magazine. Media outlets such as Global News, CBC Radio, Sun TV, and CFRB 1010 Talk Radio call on him often to appear as an expert panel member on news stories related to employment in Ontario.

Bram has also participated in seminars organized by the Law Society of Upper Canada including “The Six Minute Employment Lawyer”. He was also an instructor for the paralegal programs at Humber and Seneca Colleges.

Bram currently sits on the board for Family & Credit Counseling Services of York Region and The Economic Club of Canada. He is actively involved in local social and political issues.


What Our Clients Say

From day one Bram Lecker put me at ease during what was a very stressful time. Matthew Fisher was clear and confident from the outset, never hesitating or waivering for a moment in his belief and certainty on how to handle my situation. He did a truly wonderful job looking after me. Then there was Eslita who was just plain wonderful at keeping me up to date every step of the way. I have been more than satisfied. Especially when I consider that two of the other firms I considered during my research, prior to making my decision to ultimately go with Lecker, did not even want to take on my case. Well done and thank you to a great team.

Andrew Jensen

Best Employment lawyers in Toronto

Earned by Bram Lecker, four years in a row, following a rigorous and independent 50-point review by Three-Best-Rated.

After a long standing career with professional firms, I was terminated as a result of a purchase. I hired Bram Lecker of Lecker & Associates and the service I received was nothing short of fantastic. Mr. Lecker and his entire team were extremely attentive, responsive and very caring. The settlement that I received was extremely fair and has enabled me to search for comparable employment. I would highly recommend Mr. Lecker and his team to anyone who may find themself in a similar situation.

Linda Stern

I was laid off without cause, and my former employer offered me the minimum compensation according to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”). However, Lecker & Associates Employment Lawyers were able to secure me a much larger additional compensation under Common Law.

Samaan Khoury

I highly recommend Lecker & Associates to anyone dealing with either a disability or employment matter. Unfortunately I had to deal with both and Bram Lecker and his team were there for me every step of the way. They not only went to bat for me for the best possible outcome but they were also very understanding and eased my mind of any concerns and stresses during a rather difficult time. As someone who has been in the HR field myself for years, they are truly experts at what they do. Thank you so much for everything!

Tammy Nikou

Notable Cases

Bram A. Lecker

Luz v. Moore Business Communication Services, 1996 Bram Lecker was the first lawyer in Ontario use the summary judgment process to settle a private employment wrongful dismissal action. This created the pathway to fast-track future employment lawsuits, making them cost effective for employees.

Keenan v. Canac Kitchens, 2015, Marilyn and Lawrence Keenan worked 26 and 33 years respectively for Canac Kitchens. While they worked full time, Canac viewed them as “independent contractors” because they were paid by invoice rather than salary and had “subcontractors” reporting to them. They were awarded the highest ever settlement in Ontario for contract workers terminated without severance.

Hilton v. Norampac Inc., 2003, went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to establish the principle that employee could refuse material change in working conditions that adversely affected their parenting obligation.

King v. 1416088 Ontario Ltd. (Danbury Industrial), 2015 ONCA 312
The courts upheld the Common Employer Doctrine when the business was sold to new owners who refused to uphold the retirement agreement our client held with the former owners.

Martellacci v. CFCINX Ltd., 1997 CanLII 12327 (ON SC), established the principle that temporary “lay-offs” must be treated as terminations.

Randhawa v. Everest & Jennings Canadian Ltd., 1996 CanLII 8157 (ON SC), established principle that Employers could not interfere with Employment Insurance process.

Youkhanna v. Spina’s Steel Workers Co., 2001 CanLII 28316 (ON SC), established principal that Employers could not interfere with Employees rights to claim for WSIA injury.1

Boland v. APV Canada Inc., 2005 CanLII 3384 (ON SCDC), the Divisional Court held that employees could not be forced to stay on with the new purchasers of a business when it was purchased and would not forfeit their rights to severance if they left.

Mahesuram v. Canac Kitchens Ltd. a Division of Kohler Canada, 2009 CanLII 1369 (ON SC), was one of six decisions against a large multi-national corporation that attempted to withhold pay in lieu of reasonable notice to its long-serving Canadian employees when it shut down the company’s Canadian operations.

Verma v. RBC – Article – Canadian Employment Law Today (Verma v. Royal Bank of Canada), 2012, where a bank employee was reinstated to his position with full back-pay and full legal costs payable by the employer after his employment was terminated for discriminatory and unjust reasons.