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What to do if You Love Your Job But it Doesn’t Love You Back

No matter how much we love our job, there can come a time when an individual is undergoing a mental disability, such as tremendous stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression, and medical leave is both necessary and recommended by a physician. Prior to and in the wake of COVID-19, the mental health crisis has severely increased […]

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THE CASE FOR A NATIONAL SHORT-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE PLAN: A Clear and Present Need in a Just Society | Lecker & Associates


As employment lawyers, we regularly take on cases involving clients who have trouble accessing their employee benefits to get through short-term and long-term illnesses and injuries. Such benefits are administered by third-party private insurers. Claim processes are complicated and applications denied often, leaving ill, injured and disabled individuals to seek out legal services for recourse. […]

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A woman being examined for back pain by a medical professioinal | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

Disability Claims for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can debilitate and keep individuals from work. If you need to tap into your private disability benefits to take time off to rehabilitate, proving your case will be an uphill battle. Typically, here is how matters play out.

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National Short-Term Disability Plan | Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

The Case For a National Short-Term Disability Insurance Plan

The COVID-19 crisis has put a glaring spotlight on the matter of sick leave. Will you manage financially if you have to take extended time off from work to recover? National short-term disability benefits would dovetail perfectly with the long-held Canadian tradition of universal healthcare. And implementing it would require nothing more than simple modifications to existing programs.

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Navigating Long-Term Disability

Fired while Ill?

Illness and disability may cause you to take time off from work. During this time, you will be particularly vulnerable. Sadly, some employers act shortsightedly in such circumstances. Pegging you as “damaged goods”, a few may try to frustrate you into an unwilling resignation. Others may block you from accessing your disability benefits. And the worst offenders will outright fire you while you are ill.

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Making a Disability Claim in Ontario

Are you prepared financially if you cannot work due to an illness or accident that has left you temporarily or permanently disabled? Most Ontario workers are not. Here is where to seek income support in the wake of such circumstances.

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Medical Marijuana and Workplace Intoxication

Canadian physicians are prescribing marijuana with increasing frequency for pain, disability and chronic illness. Accordingly, with easier access, could workplaces encounter more cases of marijuana intoxication? Under our current laws, your employer can fire you for being intoxicated on duty. But the matter is not clear cut with medical marijuana. In this case, your employer must treat it like any other prescription drug.

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