Disability Claims Denied

Employer’s Duty To Accommodate Illness & Disability

The human condition is such that anyone can suffer an illness or become disabled at any time. It can occur suddenly or manifest itself over time. It can impact your life, your employment and in turn, your financial stability. That is why Ontario’s Human Rights Code offers employees some protection under these circumstances. When an illness or disability strikes, your employer must make reasonable efforts to ensure you remain employed. This is known as an employer’s duty to accommodate.

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Disability Benefits Cut Off?

if you are on Long Term Disability Benefits the most volatile period of your relationship with your insurer will happen at the two year mark. Some policies limit their coverage at this stage. And this is also when many insurance companies begin aggressive campaigns to force you back to work into any occupation. Even if your medical situation remains unchanged you may find your disability benefits cut off completely or severely limited.

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Long Term Disability Claims

One in three Canadians will be disabled for 90 days or more, on at least one occasion, before the age of 65. Some workplaces offer their employees disability benefits as part of their compensation package. These are excellent “peace of mind” benefits. Or are they? Anyone who has tried to apply for these benefits will suggest otherwise.

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short term disability claims

Short Term Disability Claims

Anatomy of Short Term Disability Claims. A majority of short term disability claims get denied. The insurance company will likely determine your condition to be ineligible or not serious enough. It does not matter whether this is completely contrary to a diagnosis by trained medical professionals. What is going on here?

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WSIB Claims Toronto

WSIB Claims – What is WSIB?

WSIB Claims | The WSIB generally operates like any other insurance company. It is not in their best interest to pay out your benefits. And this results in harsh cost-cutting policies that often take priority over employee rights.

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