How a U.S company advanced Canadian Labour laws

Ontario Labour Laws Advanced By U.S. Company

In 2009, Kohler Company from the U.S. purchased Canac Kitchens, a Canadian cabinet manufacturer. Three years later, they shut down the manufacturing plant terminating jobs in a fashion that was as un-Canadian as it could get. They inadvertently ended up strengthening Ontario labour laws in the process.

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The Employee Rights Podcast | Lecker & Associates

Common Traps in Employment Contracts Podcast

Employment contracts are often one-sided and favour employers. In this podcast, Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates and experienced employment lawyer, discusses how Ontario’s employment laws treat employment contracts.

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Termination Letter | Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

The Termination Letter

Never sign your termination letter or release until an employment lawyer has vetted these legally binding documents. But what if you signed them already? Under rare circumstances, the executed documents can be nullified. Here’s how we successfully invalidated a signed release on behalf of our client.

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non compete clause | Employee Poaching

The Non Compete Clause and Employee Poaching

Almost always, employers require a signed employment agreement as a condition of employment. If yours contains a non compete clause, seek legal advice before you sign, especially if you want to keep your options open about working for the competition.

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duty of honesty in contracts

Duty of Honesty in Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are important documents that govern an employment relationship. Similarly, termination agreements set out your compensation terms when the relationship ends. Employers generally hold a lot of power when drafting them. However, employees can legally expect a duty of honesty and fair play when negotiating the terms.

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