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Will Your Severance Pay impact CERB?

CERB was introduced with great haste in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Ordinarily, such programs take months and years to design. While it has temporarily replaced the EI benefits program, the government has not presently clarified how CERB will be treated against severance pay. The CRA may require you to pay it back.

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Severance Pay and Employment Insurance

The Canadian Federal Employment Insurance (EI) program is a social safety net that covers eligible employees temporarily for some income loss when this happens. If you receive notice and/or severance as part of your layoff, then you must understand the implications of severance pay and Employment Insurance.

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duty of honesty in contracts

The Legal Quandary of Contract Workers and Taxes

Bill 148 requires employers to classify workers as employees, dependent contractors or independent contractors. Provincial laws protect dependent contractors just like employees. However, the Federal Income Tax Act does not yet recognize dependent contractor status. What should you do if the CRA wrongfully assesses you as an independent contractor when you are a dependent contractor?

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Employment Insurance Documents ROE

Employment Insurance Documents – Understanding your Record of Employment

Employment Insurance Documents – Your Record of Employment (ROE) | In the event of a job loss, look out for your Record of Employment. Your employer prepares this document as a representation of your employment history with them. This is the most important of all employment insurance documents. Service Canada will use information from your ROE to determine your eligibility for an Employment Insurance claim.

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Employment Insurance: Laid Off and Wondering?

Employment Insurance. Laid Off and Wondering What To Do?

Employment Insurance? Laid Off and Wondering What To Do? | Your boss has just fired you. Shell shocked, you come home not knowing what to do. If your employer provided you with a bunch of papers when you left, keep them safe. Catch your breath and give yourself a few days to gather your thoughts.

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