Long-Term Disability and Long COVID | Lecker & Associates

Long-Term Disability and Long COVID

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the Ontario workforce. While many employees contracted COVID-19 and recovered within a few weeks, some individuals still suffer from symptoms months later. According to the federal government, individuals who are still experiencing physical or psychological symptoms more than twelve weeks after initially contracting the virus are suffering from […]

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The Future of Remote Work, According to 6 Experts | Leckers Law

The Future of Remote Work, According to 6 Experts

Whether you’re a remote work booster or a skeptic, there are lots of unanswered questions about what happens next for remote work, especially as Covid-19 restrictions continue to fade and as fears of a recession loom. How many people are going to work remotely in the future, and will that change in an economic downturn? […]

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Ontario’s Employment Laws Will Not Stop Lawsuits | Leckerslaw

Ontario’s Employment Laws Will Not Stop Lawsuits

On June 1, 2020, the Ford government introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act (ESA), the governing statute that forms Ontario’s employment law. Employment lawyers in Toronto were expecting some modifications to the law because, prior to these amendments, the legislation allowed employers to continue temporary layoffs for a maximum of 13 weeks. Now, over […]

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Mental Illness in the Workplace | Lecker & Associates

Mental Illness in the Workplace

As the majority of the workforce transitions back to in-office work, employees’ mental health in the workplace can no longer be ignored. Bram Lecker (“Mr. Lecker”), principal of Lecker & Associates, recently addressed this issue in an article, Disability claims involving employees suffering from mental illnesses are rising: lawyer, in the Canadian Lawyer. Specifically, he […]

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To Work Remotely or Not - That is The Question? | Lecker & Associates

To Work Remotely or Not – That is The Question??

This is not the first time we have commented on this issue as we did in one of our “Ask a Lawyer – Employment law“ segments on Toronto’s CP24 Program. The issue is whether an employee who was working from home during the COVID-19 quarantines is required to return to the workplace, as required by […]

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Funeral for a Job | Lecker & Associates - Toronto Employment Lawyers

Funeral for a Job

by BRAM A. LECKER, B.A., LLB. BARRISTER & SOLICITOR It’s another morning at work. Through the elevator door that needs an oil, past that infernal clock that runs too slow, the faint smell of bitter coffee and carpet freshener wafting in from the kitchen, where the muffled laughter of office banter begins to overcome the […]

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Right to Disconnect | Lecker & Associates - Toronto Employment Lawyers

Right to Disconnect

On June 2, 2022, Ontario’s “right to disconnect” law came into effect, a first in Canadian employment law. On the surface, this law requires employers to develop a policy allowing employees the right to disconnect outside of standard office hours. However, a closer look reveals that below the surface, this law does not provide employees […]

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Dependent Contractors Part 3 | Lecker & Associates - Employment Law

Dependent Contractors

Dependent contractors are a common, but rarely acknowledged worker of the business world. Whether working as a door-to-door salesman or via a numbered company, these workers always have two things in common: most of their income is derived from one contract and the nature of their business arrangements is precarious. For many small and medium-size […]

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Hiring an Employment Lawyer: What To Look For? | Lecker & Associates

What To Look For When Hiring An Employment Lawyer

Finding an employee’s lawyer can sometimes present you with too many options: do you select the most experienced, the least expensive or the one you have a great rapport with? There is no correct answer, but this guide may help when looking for an employment lawyer that suits your needs. 10 qualities to look for […]

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Is it Legal to Record My Employer or Manager? | Lecker and Associates

Is it Legal to Record My Employer or Manager?

So often I am asked if it is legal to record one’s employer. Other times, I am asked whether one should record their employer. I typically begin the conversation by differentiating what is legal and what is reasonable in the context of employment law. In Ontario, we have one-party consent with respect to recordings which […]

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