Right to Disconnect | Lecker & Associates - Toronto Employment Lawyers

Right to Disconnect

On June 2, 2022, Ontario’s “right to disconnect” law came into effect, a first in Canadian employment law. On the surface, this law requires employers to develop a policy allowing employees the right to disconnect outside of standard office hours. However, a closer look reveals that below the surface, this law does not provide employees […]

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Dependent Contractors Part 3 | Lecker & Associates - Employment Law

Dependent Contractors

Dependent contractors are a common, but rarely acknowledged worker of the business world. Whether working as a door-to-door salesman or via a numbered company, these workers always have two things in common: most of their income is derived from one contract and the nature of their business arrangements is precarious. For many small and medium-size […]

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Hiring an Employment Lawyer: What To Look For? | Lecker & Associates

What To Look For When Hiring An Employment Lawyer

Finding an employee’s lawyer can sometimes present you with too many options: do you select the most experienced, the least expensive or the one you have a great rapport with? There is no correct answer, but this guide may help when looking for an employment lawyer that suits your needs. 10 qualities to look for […]

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Is it Legal to Record My Employer or Manager? | Lecker and Associates

Is it Legal to Record My Employer or Manager?

So often I am asked if it is legal to record one’s employer. Other times, I am asked whether one should record their employer. I typically begin the conversation by differentiating what is legal and what is reasonable in the context of employment law. In Ontario, we have one-party consent with respect to recordings which […]

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Work-Life Balance | Lecker & Associates - Disability and Employment Lawyers Toronto

Work-Life Balance

As the years go by, the reality and expectation to accommodate work over personal life have become more normal. In the case of Hilton v. Norampac Inc (2003), represented by Principal of Lecker & Associates Bram Lecker, the court reviewed facts regarding child care commitments that interfered with employment. Michael Hilton, the plaintiff, worked for […]

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Commissions, Bonuses and Perks: What You Need to Know | Lecker & Associates

What You Need to Know About Commissions, Bonuses and Perks

There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing well-earned commissions or bonuses deposited along with your paycheque. But this kind of compensation can be confusing and can end up causing problems between employees and employers. One common problem centres around the terms of the bonus, including how and when someone is entitled to that extra payment. “One […]

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The Costs of Oversharing With Your Boss | Lecker & Associates

The Costs of Oversharing With Your Boss

I used to work at a large corporate office with a rigid top-down structure. My boss made it clear she wasn’t interested in how we spent our free time. There was no “How was your weekend?” or “Where did you go for the holidays?” We were there to work for her, period. I first heard […]

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GoodLife Fires Hundreds of Fitness Instructors in Toronto | Lecker & Associates

GoodLife Fires Hundreds of Fitness Instructors in Toronto and Across Canada

A decision to fire around 100 fitness instructors in the Toronto area sent shockwaves through the industry this week. Several people connected with GoodLife Fitness contacted blogTO about the sudden firing, concerned about colleagues and friends who had lost their jobs. “Goodlife Fitness just fired dozens of employees with decades worth of experience via email,” […]

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Mr. Trump Goes to Ottawa | Lecker and Associates

Mr. Trump Goes to Ottawa

Parliamentary All Party Sub Committee Discussion: The Federal Canada Labour Code (CLC) – June 12 2022 The PM: “Honourable Members, I am pleased to chair this committee discussion on the rights of employees under the Canada Labour Code (“CLC”). As all members would know, employees working for private companies regulated by federal jurisdiction, including banks, […]

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Mandatory Vaccination Policy - Refusing to Vaccinate | Lecker & Associates Law

Mandatory Vaccination Policy – Refusing to Vaccinate

The Omicron variant has forced companies to implement mandatory vaccine policies in response to COVID-19 outbreaks rising across Canada. If you choose not to be vaccinated, there are concerns over legal rights and a loss of a job. This article attempts to answer what to look for in your company’s mandatory vaccination policy and procedures. […]

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