Young man looking pensive at a computer screen | misclassifying Contract Workers

Misclassifying Contract Workers

Ontario’s employment laws have been updated to uphold the rights of a workforce increasingly employed in the “gig economy”, with contract, part-time and temporary work. Today, employers must be clear about the status of their temps. As Dependent Contractors, they are not inferior to employees. Misclassifying them as “independent contractors” is unlawful.

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Part-time Workers | Fast food worker looking at a line up of customers

Part-Time Workers

Equal Pay for Equal Work becomes law in April 2018. Part-time workers, temps and seasonal employees can now expect the same wages as their full-time counterparts if they perform virtually the same job. A part-time job status is not inferior and entitles you to equal benefits, pro-rated, that full-time employees receive. And yes, that includes notice and severance pay when you are dismissed without cause.

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Criminal Records | close up of male hands holding jail bars

Criminal Records and Your Job

Every year, thousands of Canadians commit crimes; their Criminal Records follow them around causing problems in everyday life, including at work. Can your employer discriminate against you for having a Criminal Record even after you have done your time and paid your dues?

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Bonus Pay | Man putting a shiny coin in his back jean pocket

Bonus Pay

Bonus pay usually operates as a win-win in employment relationships until business conditions become challenging. That’s when some employers start viewing it as low hanging fruit for cost savings.

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Changing Employment Terms | Red Coffee cup in the grass

Changing Employment Terms. Can Tim Horton’s Do That?

A Coburg based Tim Horton’s franchise made the news yesterday. Following the increase in minimum wage mandated by Bill 148, the franchise owners informed their employees of changing employment terms. To compensate for the extra wage costs, employees would no longer receive paid breaks, benefits and other incentives. Can your employer do that?

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