COVID-19 Return To Work | Top 10 Employee FAQS | Lecker and Associates

COVID-19 Return To Work | Top 10 Employee FAQS

When the COVID-19 emergency was declared in March, we expected signs of normalcy to return over the summer months. Now that the province has re-opened for business, we have come to grasp a new reality; learning to live safely with the virus. Let’s digest what this means for Ontario workers.  The Occupational Health & Safety […]

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COVID-19: No Excuse to Lay/Off Employees | Lecker & Associates

COVID-19: No Excuse to Lay/Off Employees

As the proverbial dust from the chaotic storm of events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic begins to settle, more and more cases addressing its impact on employee rights are being decided. In Ristanovic v. Corma Inc., and Eliyahu Asafov v Corma Inc., 2021, ONSC 4108, the employee Plaintiffs (who were successfully represented by Jordan Reiner […]

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COVID-19, Layoffs, Termination Provisions | Lecker & Associates

COVID-19, Layoffs, Termination Provisions

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to rage and businesses are once again forced to shutter, more and more employees are finding themselves on the receiving end of a temporary layoff or a termination. For those employees who are placed on a temporary layoff, their job security and prospects of a return are left up in […]

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Iriotakis v Peninsula Employment Services Ltd. | Lecker & Associates

Iriotakis v Peninsula Employment Services Ltd.

This is a very informative wrongful dismissal case that sheds light on the issue of CERB payments vis-à-vis severance, as well as notice entitlements for employees terminated during the pandemic. Plaintiff (Mr. Iriotakis) was successfully represented by our law firm.   Mr. Iriotakis was terminated without cause on March 25, 2020. He was 56 years old […]

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An Employer’s Duty To Accommodate | Lecker & Associates

An Employer’s Duty To Accommodate

The human condition is such that anyone can suffer an illness or become disabled at any time.  It can occur suddenly or manifest itself over time. It can impact your life, your employment and in turn, your financial stability. Nobody asks for an illness or disability on purpose. And your employer cannot discriminate against you for something […]

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Calculating Severance Pay In Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Calculating Severance Pay in Ontario

You have just been let go by your employer. This is going to impact you financially. If they offered you a termination package, then it is time to take a very close look at the details. These payments represent a financial bridge until you are employed again. In order to make sure you do not leave money behind, you need to understand your legal entitlements.

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Layoffs & Terminations | COVID-19

Not Welcome Back! COVID-19 Layoffs and Terminations.

Layoffs and terminations are frequently used interchangeably and erroneously in the media. If you have lost your job due to the COVID-19 emergency measures, you must understand which one applies to you because your rights vary greatly, depending on which one it is.

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Ontario's employment laws - Employers Beware!

Employers Beware! New Ontario Employment Laws Will Not Stop Lawsuits

On June 1, 2020, the Ford government introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The changes primarily accommodate employers and their present-day financial woes. At a glance, this will come as a terrible blow and a step backwards for employee rights in Ontario. However, Ontario’s employment laws still remain pro-employee. Here’s why.

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Photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels

Notice and Severance for CIBC Employees

When a profitable bank announces layoffs, employees should understand their rights and the Canada Labour Code which governs federally regulated industries, like banking. Here is information about notice & severance pay for CIBC employees impacted by the latest layoff announcement.

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Misconduct outside work

Can You Be Fired for Misconduct Outside Work?

With alcohol flowing freely at office and private Christmas parties this time of year, some of us will exhibit improper behaviour. If you have never wondered how misconduct outside work impacts your job status, then the reach of social media and public shaming should give you pause. Can your employer fire you for inappropriate behaviour outside of work?

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