Calculating Severance Pay In Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Calculating Severance Pay in Ontario

You have just been let go by your employer. This is going to impact you financially. If they offered you a termination package, then it is time to take a very close look at the details. These payments represent a financial bridge until you are employed again. In order to make sure you do not leave money behind, you need to understand your legal entitlements.

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Layoffs & Terminations | COVID-19 | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

Not Welcome Back! COVID-19 Layoffs and Terminations.

Layoffs and terminations are frequently used interchangeably and erroneously in the media. If you have lost your job due to the COVID-19 emergency measures, you must understand which one applies to you because your rights vary greatly, depending on which one it is.

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Ontario's employment laws - Employers Beware! | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

Employers Beware! New Ontario Employment Laws Will Not Stop Lawsuits

On June 1, 2020, the Ford government introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The changes primarily accommodate employers and their present-day financial woes. At a glance, this will come as a terrible blow and a step backwards for employee rights in Ontario. However, Ontario’s employment laws still remain pro-employee. Here’s why.

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Notice and Severance for CIBC Employees

When a profitable bank announces layoffs, employees should understand their rights and the Canada Labour Code which governs federally regulated industries, like banking. Here is information about notice & severance pay for CIBC employees impacted by the latest layoff announcement.

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Misconduct outside work

Can You Be Fired for Misconduct Outside Work?

With alcohol flowing freely at office and private Christmas parties this time of year, some of us will exhibit improper behaviour. If you have never wondered how misconduct outside work impacts your job status, then the reach of social media and public shaming should give you pause. Can your employer fire you for inappropriate behaviour outside of work?

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small claims court

Taking Your Employer To Small Claims Court

Small claims court has increased the claim limit to $35,000, affording individuals with straightforward cases to sue their employer. Legal representation is not a requirement and individuals can self-represent or even consider the services of a law student or paralegal.

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Whistleblower Protection Laws In Canada

Whistleblower Protection Laws In Canada

Almost always, whistleblowers act out of altruistic intentions to bring a wrongdoing to the attention of their supervisors. But some employers may not like them sticking their nose where it does not belong. So, what should you do when you see something seriously awry at your workplace?

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The Employee Rights Podcast | Lecker & Associates

The Employee Rights Podcast

The Employee Rights Podcast includes discussions between Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates and Podcaster, Bryan Goman, on various topics useful to employees of Ontario.

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Termination Letter | Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

The Termination Letter

Never sign your termination letter or release until an employment lawyer has vetted these legally binding documents. But what if you signed them already? Under rare circumstances, the executed documents can be nullified. Here’s how we successfully invalidated a signed release on behalf of our client.

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Filing a Claim With The Labour Board

If you believe your termination package is inadequate, you have two avenues to seek resolution. You can file a claim with the Ministry of Labour, commonly referred to as the Labour Board. Or you can hire an employment lawyer. The Labour Board process is free and you can easily file your papers on-line. However, before you proceed down this path, understand the limitations.

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