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Harassment at Work? Employers,Take Heed!

In an egregious case of harassment at work, a judge found an employer as culpable of harm as the employee who perpetrated the harassment, all because they neglected to act on her complaints. Employers must take heed. Workplace harassment can no longer be ignored.

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Fired for making a Complaint

A Toronto Police Service decision to dock a female officer eight hours’ pay for being part of sexually explicit online group chats will discourage other officers from bringing similar harassment complaints, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker. The timing also suggests there’s an indirect connection between the penalty handed down by the professional standards unit and […]

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workplace law for Cannabis Users | Woman with cannabis leaf tattoos smiling in front of a curtain with the Canadian Maple Leaf

Workplace Law for Cannabis Users

Cannabis use is legal in Canada for recreational and medical use. With no employment laws in place specifically addressing its use, employers have filled the gap with workplace policies. If you are a user, then you should understand the law enough to navigate the matter because some workplace policies are sparking heated debates.

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bullying | Torso of a man in a suit with clenched fist in the foreground

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is illegal. In spite of the law, reporting a bully can be a very scary step. You run the risk of retaliation if the bully is a senior or valued employee. Almost always, you will require legal assistance to navigate this minefield.

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Toxic Workplace Culture | A graphic with a clock and words like Busy, Time Management, Schedule, Overtime etc.

Toxic Workplace Culture: The “Bell” Effect

“The Bell Effect” is how some healthcare workers have come to describe the symptoms of Bell Canada employees who have recently come out with allegations of a toxic workplace culture against their employer. What does a toxic workplace look like and what can one do about it? Find out.

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Disability Claims Denied

Employer’s Duty To Accommodate Illness & Disability

The human condition is such that anyone can suffer an illness or become disabled at any time. It can occur suddenly or manifest itself over time. It can impact your life, your employment and in turn, your financial stability. That is why Ontario’s Human Rights Code offers employees some protection under these circumstances. When an illness or disability strikes, your employer must make reasonable efforts to ensure you remain employed. This is known as an employer’s duty to accommodate.

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Close up of two feet in a wheelchair | disability claims denied

Disability Benefits Cut Off?

if you are on Long Term Disability Benefits the most volatile period of your relationship with your insurer will happen at the two year mark. Some policies limit their coverage at this stage. And this is also when many insurance companies begin aggressive campaigns to force you back to work into any occupation. Even if your medical situation remains unchanged you may find your disability benefits cut off completely or severely limited.

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