Guide to Severance Pay Entitlement in Ontario | Leckers Law

Your Quick Guide to Severance Pay Entitlement in Ontario

The Ontario Employment Standards Act outlines rules Ontario employers and employees must follow, including providing minimum entitlements that employers must pay an employee in the event of termination without cause or constructive dismissal. Notice Pay vs. Severance Pay Notice pay (also referred to as termination pay or pay in lieu of notice) is the first […]

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Know Your Rights if You’ve Been Terminated in Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Know Your Rights if You’ve Been Terminated in Ontario

Can your employer terminate you without cause? The short answer is yes, employers in Ontario have the right to terminate an employee on a “without cause” basis. However, there are limits: an employer cannot terminate an employee as retaliation or for discriminatory reasons per the Ontario Human Rights Code. If this happens, the termination is […]

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Calculating Severance Pay In Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Calculating Severance Pay in Ontario

You have just been let go by your employer. This is going to impact you financially. If they offered you a termination package, then it is time to take a very close look at the details. These payments represent a financial bridge until you are employed again. In order to make sure you do not leave money behind, you need to understand your legal entitlements.

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Illegal Layoffs | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

Illegal Layoffs And COVID-19

The pandemic appears to have brought out the worst in some employers, as illegal layoffs start to grow in Ontario. Some employees remain at a higher risk for this type of bad faith treatment.

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Ontario's employment laws - Employers Beware! | Toronto Employment Lawyers Lecker and Associates

Employers Beware! New Ontario Employment Laws Will Not Stop Lawsuits

On June 1, 2020, the Ford government introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The changes primarily accommodate employers and their present-day financial woes. At a glance, this will come as a terrible blow and a step backwards for employee rights in Ontario. However, Ontario’s employment laws still remain pro-employee. Here’s why.

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Notice and Severance for CIBC Employees

When a profitable bank announces layoffs, employees should understand their rights and the Canada Labour Code which governs federally regulated industries, like banking. Here is information about notice & severance pay for CIBC employees impacted by the latest layoff announcement.

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