Be wary when signing termination clauses: Lecker

By Rob Lamberti, AdvocateDaily.com Contributor Termination clauses are one of the most litigated sections of employment contracts and could make the whole agreement void if not written precisely, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker. “There’s a variety of things that will blow up a contract unless it’s perfectly written — and I mean perfectly,” says Lecker, […]

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How a U.S company advanced Canadian Labour laws

Ontario Labour Laws Advanced By U.S. Company

In 2009, Kohler Company from the U.S. purchased Canac Kitchens, a Canadian cabinet manufacturer. Three years later, they shut down the manufacturing plant terminating jobs in a fashion that was as un-Canadian as it could get. They inadvertently ended up strengthening Ontario labour laws in the process.

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The Employee Rights Podcast | Lecker & Associates

The Employee Rights Podcast

The Employee Rights Podcast includes discussions between Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates and Podcaster, Bryan Goman, on various topics useful to employees of Ontario.

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