Dependent Contractors – New Class of Workers Recognized in Ontario - Contractor Inspecting Wood

Dependent Contractors – New Class of Workers Recognized in Ontario

Dependent Contractors – New Class of Workers Recognized in Ontario. | $125,000: The highest settlement to a contractor for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Lecker & Associates of Toronto represented Marilyn and Lawrence Keenan in a ground breaking labour law case. It resulted in the highest ever settlement for wrongfully dismissed contractors in Ontario.

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Man & Woman shaking hands over a coffee | Commission Sales Agents

Commission Sales Agents – Employee or Contractor?

If you work as a commission sales agents, what happens when your company ends their relationship with you? Do you have any say when they unilaterally change the deal, such as reducing commission rates, shrinking your territory or turning your cherished customers into “house accounts”? Are you entitled to notice and severance pay, just like an employee? In all likelihood, your company would argue that you clearly are your own boss, that they owe you nothing! Legally, this is far from the truth.

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class action contract worker lawsuit

Class Action Contract Worker Lawsuit

Class Action Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit Filed by Contract Workers in Ontario. | Seven thousand contract workers filed a class action wrongful dismissal lawsuit against utilities retailer, Just Energy. They claim that this business unjustly enriched itself by classifying them as independent contractors when they were actually employees.

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Keenan Case Toronto Star

Keenan Case: $125,000 Precedent Setting Win

This is the highest ever compensation award for contract workers in Canada and we hope the message is loud and clear. Ontario’s top court has made the ground rules crystal clear. Employers can no longer give the self serving title of “independent contractor” to vulnerable workers who are not that independent. – Bram Lecker Feb 2016

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