What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

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After I was laid off I went to a law firm that told me, after charging me $450 up front and a short consult that nothing could be done and I had no case. I decided to call Lecker & Associates to get a 2nd opinion. I sent in my details and was called immediately by Matthew Fisher. He explained to me that I had a great case and he went through all the details of filing suit and the entire process in a calm manner. Matthew and staff guided me throughout the process and a settlement was received from my former employer, one that I would not have gotten had I listened to the first lawyer I met. I would recommend that you call Lecker & Associates if you have been let go from your job, even if you’ve consulted another law firm. The difference between a good lawyer and one that is not so good, is whether they can see details where other lawyers do not and this can result in massively different outcomes, as I experienced first hand. Great job Matthew, Eslita, Dora & team!

Ong Ba

In May of last year I lost my job. My family and myself were put in a dark place. I struggled emotionally as I had worked there for nearly 7 years and invested myself heavily in my work. I didn’t know what to do or if I could even do anything. I decided to call Lecker and Associates. I met with Jared Lecker, and he gave me his full attention. As I left the meeting, I felt a sense of clarity and hope for the first time. I had learned a lot and the questions that were bothering me had finally been answered. Going through the process there were times of emotional difficulty as I had to go through some bad memories but Jared was amazing and was able to calm me down and assure me that things were going in a positive direction. The team at Lecker was always on top of things, I was always kept up to date with everything and I felt very involved. My questions were always answered in a timely manner. We were able to settle and I consider it a win not just for me, but for the team at Lecker. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates. It started as a professional matter, but it ended with new friendships. Thank you so much Jared, and to the entire team at Lecker & Associates!

Thomas Ferguson

From day one Bram Lecker put me at ease during what was a very stressful time. Matthew Fisher was clear and confident from the outset, never hesitating or waivering for a moment in his belief and certainty on how to handle my situation. He did a truly wonderful job looking after me. Then there was Eslita who was just plain wonderful at keeping me up to date every step of the way. I have been more than satisfied. Especially when I consider that two of the other firms I considered during my research, prior to making my decision to ultimately go with Lecker, did not even want to take on my case. Well done and thank you to a great team.

Andrew Jenssen

Jordan Reiner handled my case and I feel very fortunate that I found him. He delivered exactly what he promised the first time I saw him. He did an exceptional job of working with me to get to a fair settlement and exceeded all my expectations. I will highly recommend Jordan to any professional looking to hire an Employment Lawyer.

Adrian D.

When dealing with something like employment law it is critical to know you have a team working in your corner, especially in the strange & uncertain world we are all in right now. Matthew and team were fantastic! Incredibly supportive, responsive and professional. I highly recommend thier services.

A. Sparling

I had Maria Esmatyar as my lawyer . Patient good listener and very professional gives right advise takes you through a journey of your fight for your right she is a tough lawyer who I suggest to anyone who likes to win . Thank you.

Sakin Yadollahi

I have recently been represented by Lecker & Associates on employment matters. Matthew Fisher and senior law clerk Eslita are fantastic team to have to deal with difficult issues. They are professional, diligent, and always reminded me and looked after my interest to help me understand my pros and cons.The results have been exceptional and I am sure the team at Lecker & Associates are equally good. It is a great experience and when it comes to tough situations, I want Matthew to be behind my back. Look no further, this team is highly recommended.I am very pleased with the results and all the thanks to the effort from Matthew Fisher and Eslita team at Lecker & Associates.

Paul Neo

Let’s face it, dealing with an Employer/Employee issue, can be very stressful. Mine was no different. However, I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a trusted friend, who said it was the best legal experience he’d ever experienced. So, I met with Jared Lecker & Jassanthy Pakirisamy, and guess what? My stress was immediately relieved. They were sincere, courteous, professional and extremely communicative, during the entire process. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates. If you’re looking for a true partner to help guide you to a positive result/outcome, you need to “at least” meet with them. #VerySatisfied

Bill Banham

After almost 30 years with the same employer I was let go with no notice, I was shocked to say the least. Ian Hurley at Lecker and Associates came highly recommended from an acquaintance who had used their services for his own employment matter. I engaged Ian’s help and in the end I couldn’t have made a better decision. Ian immediately went to work for me along with the assistance of Tina Yaghoubi. I started to feel much better with the position I was in. Ian explained clearly what my options were and recommended the best route to proceed with. Tina always followed up with the appropriate paperwork and answered all of my questions. I knew I was in very capable hands with the both of them on my team. I am very satisfied with the settlement they secured for me. Thanks Ian and Tina. I will highly recommend the both of you at Lecker and Associates.

Jaimie Fitzmaurice

Before choosing Lecker & Associates, I visited three other law firms in search of an employment resolution attorney! It was important to me to find a reputable lawyer that was honest, trustworthy, and proved to have my best interest in mind. From our initial phone call, to the final signings, Jared Lecker and his team answered all my questions and returned all correspondence in a prompt manner. They kept me up to speed with every interaction with the opposing council and explained all details of each step of the proceedings. Jared was extremely professional, aggressive in his negotiating skills, and most importantly made me feel comfortable and at ease during the entire process. I have no hesitation in recommending Lecker & Associates, they are truly amazing and I am pleased with the results they were able to achieve. Thank you!

Shen Bennett

It has taken several weeks for me to write this review because I wanted to wait for initiative shock to settle first. In December 2018, right before the holidays, I came to Lecker and Associates for help with a claim that had been ongoing since 2014. Jordan Reiner, the attorney I met with, was no nonsense and extremely ‘on the ball’ about things. He set reasonable expectations and had what appeared to be a solid strategy to tackle my claim. That said, I was not overly hopeful. Prior to hiring Jordan, I had another attorney at a firm with an ultra impressive reputation handling my file. But the defendant was difficult and my claim was complicated and as a result, my former attorney had managed to make absolutely zero progress on my file. Things were at a point where I felt trapped in a nightmare. Due to the ongoing litigation, I was unable to move on from a period of my life that had ended years before. I was endlessly frustrated and couldn’t help but be fearful that my case would never end and that my great grandchildren would still be fighting it or something equally absurd. Jordan connected with opposing counsel right away and with minimal back and forth, in a matter of weeks, hammered out a settlement that was an absolute best case scenario. All in all, Jordan tackled my file in a manner that was aggressive but not bullying and as a result of his skill and his approach, managed to do the impossible. Even more impressive, he managed to do all of this in relatively little time. I still cannot believe that my case is over and that my claim has been settled. To call Jordan a miracle worker is an understatement comparable to describing a hurricane as a slight breeze. The only regret I have about Jordan is that I did not hire him long ago. If he had not handled much claim way back when it was first filed in 2014. If I had known way back then to hire him, I could have spared myself a lot of time, grief and expense.


After losing my job unexpectedly and unfairly, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I found this law firm online and was amazed at their reviews. I met with Kimberley Sebag and she surpassed my expectations on every level. I was educated by her about all my options and informed of every single detail and update throughout the case. I thought this will take at least a year to settle. I was WRONG. Kimberley worked so hard and supported me through it all. This law firm turned my unpleasant experience into a pleasant one. Very knowledgeable and just simply the best. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at these reviews. Thank you all for everything and thank you Kimberley !

Elizabeth Tharkanian

I’m very pleased to have reached out to Lecker & Associates. From day 1, when I first met Maria Esmatyar I knew I was in good hands. She was always professional, knowledgeable as she clearly laid out the process and expectations. Seeing her in action when it came down to negotiations was impressive and she handled it brilliantly. Throughout my case, Maria Esmatyar and her team were prompt in answering my questions and always kept me updated on the progress and next steps. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates. Thank you so much Maria Esmatyar and to the entire team at Lecker & Associates!

S. Berhan

Matthew Fisher and his team did an amazing job! Their communication and strategy was clear and concise. Matthew was always available and made me feel comfortable through a difficult process. Eslita, Dora and Ashley were always accommodating and very professional with my matter. I would highly recommend them!

Jamie Kearns

After a long standing career with professional firms, I was terminated as a result of a purchase. I hired Bram Lecker of Lecker & Associates and the service I received was nothing short of fantastic. Mr. Lecker and his entire team were extremely attentive, responsive and very caring. The settlement that I received was extremely fair and has enabled me to search for comparable employment. I would highly recommend Mr. Lecker and his team to anyone who may find themself in a similar situation.

Linda Stern

Loosing my job created very difficult time for me.I turned to Lecker & Associates for advice.I received great service from Jordan Reiner. Both Tina and Jordan answered my questions promptly .I knew exactly what to expect during the process and outcome was satisfactory.I would definitely recommend the Firm to anyone who needs professional help. Thank You

Margaret S.

Let me begin with “I wish I wasn’t only limited to 5 stars, lol”.    Heading into work one beautiful and sunny Friday morning, little did I know that this was going to be the last day of my long and illustrious career of 20+ years.   Suddenly I was in deep unchartered waters.  I was confused, lost, vulnerable, scared…..  Sound familiar?!   Though my case was not complex, both my credibility and a substantial sum of money were at stake.   I knew I needed a highly skilled legal team, credible amongst their peers, skilled in negotiating, experienced in litigation, with a successful track record and even some hard fought lost battles they had drawn learnings from.  With a combination of research, networking, and perhaps some luck, I found my team at Lecker & Associations.  But little did I know that they were much more than that.   Matthew and Eslita are a thorough, diligent, knowledgeable, grounded, and articulate formidable team.   Eslita is the warm, caring, highly efficient, always smiling glue of this legal team.   And Matthew is a master strategist, a true professional, a bulldog of a negotiator, never wavering in his trust or conviction for your rights and the law.   As I move forward, excited about new beginnings and possibilities, I always recognized how fortunate I was to have had Matthew and Eslita in my corner.   This is the team I will refer my friends and family to (though I hope I won’t have to!)

Lou K

I want to share my experience on how Lecker & Associates Employment Lawyers helped me at a most vulnerable and crucial time in my life while I was dealing with an employment matter. I want to mention how incompetent, confused and completely inept I was feeling by what had transpired and the best thing that I did was to go with my gut instinct after meeting Mr. Jordan Reiner. First of all he was empathetic, very clear in his explanation and to the point. He had a plan in place before I left the office fully supported by facts and legislation. I cannot say enough about him and his team in terms of professionalism, timely responses and taking the time to listen and explain without making me feel inadequate. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and most importantly I would recommend anyone who is seeking legal help in employment matters to consult with Mr. Reiner.

SD Dhal

I approached Lecker & Associates based on the reviews on the internet and I did not go wrong in choosing them in resolving my employment issue. I had my own fears and doubts in approaching a lawyer. Ian Hurley took up my case. After patiently listening to my employment issue , he clearly explained my rights , what are my options and the next steps to be taken and I was confident to go ahead in retaining them.Ian Hurley and his team are very professional , they have spent dedicated time in researching and explaining me my options at various stages and settled the issue amicably. I am happy and satisfied with the services I received from Lecker & Associates.I highly recommend Ian Hurley , Tina Yaghoubi and their team to anyone seeking legal assistance in a difficult employment situation.

Prashanth K. Kumble