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Matthew Fisher of Lecker & Associates represented me in 2 very different situations. He is knowledgeable, thorough, calm and persistent. I felt reassured and well supported throughout, by him and all the staff. Mr Fisher achieved success on my behalf both times. Excellent firm.

Anne Brusby

I came to Lecker & Associates with a severance issue which was handled by their senior associate Matthew Fisher. It was the second time I have used this firm, and have found them on both occasions to be highly competent and professional in my dealings with them. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
Duncan Macpherson

I found the service provided by Matthew Fisher and his team to be very professional, informative and helpful in reaching a satisfactory outcome on an employment matter. They were helpful, very responsive and positive to questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this firm to a any individual needing assistance and guidance on an employment issue.

Donna Sullivan

Jordan Reiner handled my case and I feel very fortunate that I found him. He delivered exactly what he promised the first time I saw him. He did an exceptional job of working with me to get to a fair settlement and exceeded all my expectations. I will highly recommend Jordan to any professional looking to hire an Employment Lawyer.

Adrian D.

Customer Testimonias - Employees Employment Lawyer

I found the company very good overall, and specifically found Matthew Fisher to be very thorough and patient in understanding my situation and requirements. He provided me very good guidance and insights that helped position me to resolve my matter.

John Moore

Excellent service was provided by the team at Lecker & Associates. Would highly recommend them to represent you in Employment Dismal cases. Very efficient and thorough when dealing with my previous employer legal team. Took control and handled all aspects during this difficult time, they kept me informed throughout the entire process and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result !

Golf Dude

A friend of mine recommended this firm to assist with my employment dismissal, I was very pleased with Matthew Fisher and his team support, advise and expertise. They took the time the keep me updated on the case progress, provided excellent advise and finally Matthew negotiated a better deal than the one I was originally offered. I would highly recommend Lecker & Associates.

Rene Castillo

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and recommendations for all the work Matthew and his team did for me. They were professional, empathetic, thorough and always very responsive. They are my ‘go to’ folks should I need, or any of my friends need, the services that they offer! Thank you!

Debbie Weech

I found them to be outstanding in every way. Very professional, very clear on expectations and amazing communication throughout the entire process. I recommend them completely.

Jason Pallen

Bram & Dora were fantastic, I highly recommend

Critical Fire Vina

Passionate, kind and knowledgeable team.

Reza Azimi

I highly recommend this firm as they were excellent and was a great support system during this difficult time.

Ruth Zelding

Professional, solid and easy to work with. They are a great team that gives you great suggestions. Highly recommend


Would highly recommend. Thank you Jordan and Eslita.

Anatoli Kalchev

I recently went through a difficult time and the team at Lecker & Associates‏ were very supportive. They assured me that things would turn around for the better and they represented and resolved my legal matter speedily and with great satisfaction. I would highly Recommend them for any legal issue with employment law. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Miranda

Toronto, ON

Matthew, Bram, and Tina handled the settlement process as the consummate professionals they are. I was kept informed, and counselled all through the process, to a final arbitrated settlement. I have no reservation recommending team Lecker for wrongful dismissal matters.

Nigel Davey

I would like to express my gratitude to Bram Lecker and Jordan Reiner for guiding me through a very difficult phase of my life, following a wrongful dismissal. The attentiveness with which they assessed my interests, the rigor and flexibility with which they pursued my case ultimately led to better results than I expected. They were very knowledgeable and extremely professional. They always responded very quickly and clearly to all my questions. I wish to extend my gratitude also to Eslita and Dora, for keeping me updated and attending my concerns. I would highly recommend working with this team for any case involving employment law.

Vangjel Zaka

I would recommend this law firm hands down, they are all great people, extremely professional, set the right expectation and follow thru on their commitment.

Aamer Captain

It was a pleasure to work with such a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The team of Matthew Fisher and Eslita Ramkishun helped clarify complicated processes, terms, definitions and procedures in a simple manner which helped me make informed and careful decisions. They made me feel comfortable, responded to my telephone calls and emails promptly, were very transparent and thorough throughout this otherwise difficult employment matter. Natalie Ramos – Toronto

Natalie Ramos

I was very fortunate to be referred to the law firm of Lecker and Associates and I highly recommend their services as well. Their legal representation counselled me through a situation that was beyond my own means to deal with and I was very pleased with the outcome as a result of this representation. Their service was without a doubt both professional and courteous at all times. They were always available to answer my many questions and concerns in a timely manner. Their attention to detail was exemplary, keeping my file organized and updating me every step of the way. I never lost confidence in their ability to handle my case and trusted their guidance through the whole process. The team at Lecker and Associates that I had the privilege of dealing with are certainly experts in their field and I am very grateful to Bram, Ian, Tina, Eslita and Dora for all of their hard work and expertise.

Peter Vagnini

Sudbury, ON

I had a very positive and professional experience at Lecker and Associates.The full process of settlement was explained and they guided me at each step with right decision on employment matter.A very satisfying experience overall. I would certainly recommend them in future.

Andy T

I had the pleasure of working with Maria Esmatyar in my settlement case. She was professional and informative.She explained the expectation from our first meeting and worked hard to achieved that goal. At the end, she made a negative situation into a positive experience. Thanks Maria.

John Lim

I can honestly say that the staff at Lecker & Associates were professional and attentive to my case. From explaining everything clearly to getting me my final results it was a great experience and I would highly recommend the firm!

Sam Gomez

The team at Lecker and Associates are very professional and patient. They ensured I understood every step of the process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing an employment lawyer.

Toni S

I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a friend who was also very pleased with their experience. From the first day I made contact with the office, till the time I reached a settlement, I found their customer service to be expedient and knowledgeable, which was very welcome during a time that was confusing and frustrating for me. I always felt that I was listened to, and that my interests were important to them. Their technical skills and knowledge, and expertise in this specialized field were in my opinion, outstanding. I truly appreciate the work completed by Matthew, Maria, Tina and Dora.

Liz DeCarlo

Bram, Matthew and Eslita worked with over a period of 6 months. From the get-go the council I received, commitment, follow-up, communication, and attention to detail was excellent. I do not hesitate recommending their services to anyone seeking a team of professionals that are best in class.

Al Quadros

I was aware of Lecker & Associates and their amazing reputation through a friend, prior to my own dismissal. Regardless of thinking anything fruitful would result, I consulted with them anyway. I am very glad I did. They were knowledgeable, caring, prompt, quick, and extremely professional. I highly recommend this firm, they are well worth it. Kudo’s to Ian, Matt, Dora and Tina.

Jack Fratia

I had a very good experience working with the Lecker team. They were extremely knowledgable and supportive through my interaction with my previous employer. With their guidance I secured the settlement that met my expectations.

Rick Peter

I was very pleased with the hard work of Mr Lecker and Mr Fisher. They were patient and professional and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend this firm to someone that wants to win their case!

Allan Madonik

Provided solid advice and counsel on wrongful dismissal. Obtained a very satisfactory termination package and best of all did this on a contingency fee. I would recommend Lecker & Associates very highly.

A Google user

I feel very fortunate to have been referred by a friend to Lecker & Associates. The team took the time to understand my specific situation both on a personal and professional level. During a very trying time, I felt extremely comfortable knowing that Lecker & Associates had both the knowledge and resources to help me through a difficult period in my career. I appreciated their openness and candor throughout the process, always keeping me advised of the details of my case. I could not have been happier with the outcome. Maria, Eslita, and Dora – Thank-you!

Brent McIntosh

Toronto, ON

After being terminated from my company I contacted Matthew Fisher at Lecker & Associates. From the first meeting with Matthew I felt great support throughout the whole process. Thank you Matthew for keeping me advised on all details of the case and making this experience less stressful. My case was successfully settled because of your great dedication and professionalism. The end result exceeded all my expectations. Special thanks to Tina for keeping me updated and attention to all my questions and concerns. It’s nice to deal not only with a professional but also a human being. I highly recommend Matthew Fisher to anyone who is looking for a solid employment lawyer.

Yuri Zagumenov

Toronto, ON

In May of 2015, I suddenly found myself no longer employed by the lawyer for whom I had worked for the past 37 years. I was devastated. On the advice of a lawyer friend of mine, I retained Matthew Fisher. Matthew was very knowledgeable and informative about employment law, kind, respectful, organized and timely. With all of my 37 years of legal experience, I was accustomed to the best legal minds around and Matthew and his team did not disappoint.

Deb Hayes

I highly recommend Lecker & Associates as an employment lawyer. They are truly the subject matter experts. They work very hard to fight for your rights and they deliver positive outcome. Most importantly, they are honest and very fair. Special thanks to Matthew Fisher and Eslita Ramkishun.

Pio Canakci

Very happy with the service and professionalism provided. Highly recommended.

Alex Poff

I found the team at Lecker & Associates very professional and their service level is second to none with prompt communication via emails and telephone. In my case of wrongful dismissal their experience and leading edge knowledge of current legal affairs was key to the successful resolution of our case. I qualified for the option of a small retainer with no cost up front, which eliminated the financial burden of costly legal fees that arise when confronted by a determined ex-employer. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates.

Arlette Fortin

I recently used this law firm for my wrongful dismissal case and severence case. They won my case and got me my severence. I will recommend this law firm.

Jennifer Pierce

I decided to go with Lecker after perusing the google reviews and am happy I did. The team at L&A was knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I was most impressed with how quickly my lawyer, as well as other departments, responded to my questions.

B Mar

In my previous experience, legal actions have been very stressful as they were time consuming and did not provide certainty as to an expected result. Lecker & Associates, on the contrary, managed to exceed my expectations as a firm in their unique and professional manner in providing legal representation. They did so in a very effective and timely manner which resulted in a successful outcome on my behalf. I am sincerely grateful for the amount of hard work and dedication Maria Esmatyar and her colleagues have put into my case. I would without a doubt recommend this firm be strongly considered for any employment related matter.

Louis Kourakos

Professional and Trustworthy. They leveled the playing field and I was the Victor!

Train Plaz

I live in a small Northern Ontario community and obtained the services of Ian at Lecker & Associates. Despite the long distance relationship, I felt well supported during a difficult time in my life. The service that I received was exceptional and very thorough. I received advise, support and representation in many different areas (employer, pension, LTD, EI). Ian was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. All my questions were answered and my concerns were listened to. I highly recommend Lecker and Associates to anyone requiring an employment and disability lawyer.

Nancy Sabourin

A fantastic law firm who fight tooth and nail on behalf of employees.

Tiffinday Inc.

After a corporate layoff, the first of my career, I decided to have a legal firm review my documents. At my initial consult, the team at Lecker and Associates were exceptionally patient and understanding, explaining the process to me and providing recommendations. They are a fantastic team that took personal interest in my situation! Thank you to Bram, Maria, Eslita and Dora!

Daniela Chiasson

Excellent service and handling of wrongful dismissal case. Also like that they work on a contingency fee basis.

A Google user

I found Lecker to be very Professional, Knowlegeable and compassionate to my situation. They engaged me in discussions so I understood my options, risks and benefits of each. They followed up, and delivered on their commitments every time. I have recomended them to my friends and all of them were extremely pleased and feel the same way as I do. They really care about their clients. The results I achieved was more that I expected. I would give them a rating of 29 although they deserve 30. If you need help, they are the firm to hire!

Robert Buckles

Lecker & Associates is a top notch, professional and compassionate firm. They take the time you need to enable you to make informed decisions. They have all of the answers to any question you might have. It was a pleasure to deal with skilled, competent and personable associates. I would highly recommend their services.

Peter Thomas

You couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals to represent you. Their professionalism and knowledge of Employment maters instils confidence right from the start that you have made the right decision by coming to them to help you. Having Lecker & Associates represent us was the best decision I could have ever made. Even though you are a client, you feel as if you have a friend right there beside you when it feel like nothing will ever go right again. Thank you Bram, Eslita, Ian and Jesse for everything you have done for me and my family.

Bill Davis

I just want to thank everyone at Lecker & Associates for all the hard work they put into my case. They were very easy to work with and got me everything I deserved (and them some). I would also like to extend an EXTRA thank you to Eslita Ramkishun who had to put up with my countless questions and emails for the past few months 🙂

Jayson Nusbaum

Mr. Bram handled my wrongful dismissal case and I feel it was my good luck that I found him. I am fully satisfied with the way he handled my case. I would recommend Bram to anyone who needs an Employment Lawyer.

Devinder Verma

I had been laid off from a company I had been with for many years, and was concerned about going to get support from a Lawyer. I was extremely impressed! They were so good at explaining each detail, and were open to questions at any time. They put in a lot of work, and really showed that they cared about what I wanted, and helped me understand the legal language. My severance was good and the fees were very fair for the work that was done, I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Ian, Dora and Tina for helping me every step of then way! Maria

Maria McGuckian

I was referred to Lecker and Associates for advice concerning my employment contracts. I sincerely appreciated the professional way the company conducted business. They provided excellent service and support during this difficult time. The team, particularly Ms. Ursulak and Dora, were exceptional. They were always available to answer questions and kept me informed through out the whole process. I highly recommend Lecker and Associates to others.

Amy McNeill

An excellent team of professionals, a holistic and supportive approach, and a positive experience. I highly recommend the team at Lecker and Associates! Thanks Bram and Eslita!

Tom Frank

I recently used this law firm (more specifically lawyer Matthew Fisher and senior law clerk Eslita Ramkishun) to handle my severance case. This team was very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating, the issue was handle expertly and efficiently, and I was very happy with the settlement. I would recommend this law firm and team to anyone in need of legal help settling a severance claim.

Brent Murphy

Mr. Lecker and staff took on my wrongfull dissmissal case and even managed to come up with a dissability settlement when the company I worked for said I was not eligible. They kept me constantly updated on all progress made and promptly answered my questions. I have already recommened him to someone.

Peter Mosley

Matthew, Eslita and the rest of the Lecker & Associates team did an exceptional job of working with me to get to a very reasonable and fair settlement. They represented me very well and exceeded all my expectations. I will highly recommend their services to any professional looking to hire employment lawyers. Thank you Matthew and Eslita.

Abimbola Babalola

I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a friend that was very happy with all involved with his employment matter. I was in a state of confusion and disillusioned with changes which were not by choice. Right from the beginning I felt comfortable and confident that Mr. Matthew Fisher was going to take care of everything. His knowledge, positive approach and professionalism gave me much courage and confidence. I felt at ease as he explained everything in detail, making sure I understood all the matters discussed. I would highly recommend Lecker & Associates to anyone seeking professional employment lawyers. They know and understand the criteria you are facing and will exercise the necessary legal rights to a positive conclusion. I extend my gratitude to Matthew, Tina and Dora for being very helpful, caring and professional, making it a pleasant experience during the process. Thank you very much! – Emilio (Leo) Ferrari

Leo Ferrari