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Employment Law Services in Toronto

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Employment Law Services

Lecker & Associates is one of Toronto’s leading employment law firms serving clients across Ontario. Unlike many other employment law firms, our team of highly experienced Toronto employment lawyers focus on representing the right of employees. We are here to represent you, not your employer.

Our lawyers are experienced negotiators and litigators. We represent employees in restructurings, wrongful dismissals, for-cause termination, workplace investigations, layoffs, constructive dismissals, unjust dismissals, long-term disability, and human rights matters.

We provide employment law services for employees of Ontario.

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We have represented thousands of terminated employees to assist them in obtaining the severance packages that they are entitled to. We level the playing field in severance negotiations and litigation by providing you with knowledgeable and fierce advocacy to obtain your fair and lawful entitlements.

We level this playing field

Our results speak for themselves. We are one of the most highly ranked employment law firms in Ontario on Google, receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. 

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  • Jordan and Ashley were amazing to work with. They made an extremely stressful situation much easier to manage with their knowledge, insight and advice. They were very diligent,... read more

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    I engaged with Jordan Reiner and Ashley Hussey who both did terrific work. I'd strongly recommend them.

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  • I like to express my sincere gratitude to Leckers Law. especially Jared lecker he was so professional, responsive and always made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout my... read more

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    My consultation with Shira Levine over the phone was nothing short of exceptional. Despite not meeting in person, Shira's expertise, meticulousness, and professionalism shone through. She provided clear, insightful advice... read more

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  • Few months ago, I came on Google to research a good law firm I can use for my employment issues. I came across Leckers and Associates, dug into... read more

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    I can’t say enough good things about Leckers Law. They were so professional, responsive, proactive, and always made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. I highly recommend... read more

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  • Leckers Law have very supportive and very professional educating me in all aspects of my case. Nathan and Shira are just awesome to deal with and they are always very... read more

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    I had done work with Matthew and Eslita almost a decade ago and when the need arose recently for their guidance, they were both there again. They took the... read more

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  • It is my pleasure to recommend whole heartedly Lecker Law Toronto. My dealings with the firm and its personnel was always professional and yet personable. Matthew Fisher and... read more

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    This team did a fantastic job of getting me a generous settlement, really appreciate the level of service, professionalism, instruction from the folks at Lecker and associates

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  • I was recently let go after 24 years of service in the wine business. A friend and former colleague referred me to Jordan Reiner and Ashley Hussey. Jordan... read more

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  • Ian Hurley at Leckers Law helped me with an employment matter, and I was exceptionally happy with my experience with his expertise and recommendations. He walked me through the process,... read more

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    I engaged with Matthew and Eslita at Leckers and Associates to assist me with a termination matter. I was impressed by several aspects of my dealings with them most... read more

    Jason Walters Avatar Jason Walters
  • Maria Esmatyar was informed, efficient and compassionate when helping me navigate my employment matter. Her professionalism was much appreciated, as was the timely assistance of Jass Pakirimasy. I highly recommend... read more

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    I would recommend Leckers for their quick response and professional service.

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  • My experience with Matthew Fisher and Eslita Ramkishun was excellent. They were both responsive and professional and able to guide me through my case, ensuring I understood my rights and... read more

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    I highly recommend the use of Lecker & Associates as your employment lawyers. Employment severance is a very stressful time in one's life. What is important is to have... read more

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Our lawyers have argued a number of leading cases that have advanced employee rights in Ontario. Our commentary and cases regularly appear in media across the country including the Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC News, the Toronto Star, the Financial Post, and CP24, where we regularly appeared on the weekly series “Ask a Lawyer”.

Wrongful Dismissal - Employment Lawyers Toronto

Wrongful Dismissal

If you are terminated from your job, and you did not commit serious wilful misconduct, you are entitled to compensation from your employer. Usually, this comes in the form of a “severance package” where the employer offers you an amount in exchange for your signature. Finding yourself in this circumstance can be one of the most vulnerable and difficult times that an employee can face in their career.

Fortunately, as an employee in Ontario, you have substantial rights to income protection following a termination of employment. The key is to both understand your rights, and 

What is meant by “wrongful dismissal” is that the employer failed to advise you that you are about to lose your job, not that the job loss was wrong. The employer legally must notify you that your job is going to end and if they fail to do that, pay you out the equivalent sum including all of its components of your remuneration. If your employer has not fulfilled these obligations or provides a lowball offer, they can be sued for wrongful dismissal. Our Toronto employment lawyers are on the cutting-edge of employment law litigation and will masterfully advocate for you from start to finish.

Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Leave

If you want to pause your career and take time to care for a new family, employment laws guarantee job security. These types of leaves away from work for mothers, fathers and adoptive parents occur during and after pregnancy. As a result, you are entitled to have your original job back and any benefits previously owed. If your job has been made redundant, you are entitled to a similar position with the same salary. If your employers do not return you to your role, make negative comments or even dismiss you from your job because of pregnancy or parental leave, hire an employment lawyer immediately. We will help decide what legal avenue is best for your case via a human rights claim, the Ministry of Labour or a wrongful dismissal suit.

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Workplace Harassment - Employment Lawyers Toronto

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is illegal in Ontario. We introduced legislation specifically to address and eradicate it in 2009. You have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. When left unchecked, workplace harassment can escalate to violence. It can cause mental or physical health problems and lead to staff absences. At its peak, it can result in a toxic workplace and constructive dismissal. This type of behaviour benefits nobody and there is no reason whatsoever for your employer to stand by and do nothing about it. If you are in this situation, then you need our employment lawyers to step in to educate your employer.

Job Layoffs

Job layoffs can be temporary, consecutive or shams. It is normally illegal to tell a worker “don’t come into work for a few weeks” without pay. Frequently, employers do not comply with the governing law on layoffs. They will let employees go hoping they will forget about their job and their severance. Temporary job layoffs must be communicated with a return date. When this is not done, we call it a sham layoff because it can be grounds for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Sham or bogus layoffs are when employers keep employees in a cycle of ‘hired’ or ‘temporarily fired’ to avoid severance payouts. If this sounds like your situation, call us as soon as possible at 416-223-5391 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. The longer the delay in protesting this job layoff, the more difficult it comes.

Job Layoffs - Employment Lawyers Toronto
Employment Lawyers Toronto - Disability Benefits

Denied Disability Benefit Claims

After years of working for an employer, you may suffer from an injury or illness brought on by physical or mental strain. You cannot work anymore, so you apply for income replacement benefits via the employer’s group insurance benefits while you try to recover. Insurance companies then decide your application as to whether you are actually disabled. They will game the system by denying you benefits because of the profit incentives from the premiums they charge. If this happens to you, we know it is an extremely frustrating and confusing system to navigate alone. Our lawyers will bring insurance companies to the negotiating table, greatly ease the stress involved and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Constructive Dismissal

Also known as “Quiet firing/quitting”, or a ‘toxic’ workplace, constructive dismissal is when your employer makes major changes to the terms and conditions of your employment. The intent is to get a worker to quit or resign as employees who quit in Canada are not entitled to income protection. This is precipitated by some material change in employment terms or the development of an unbearable working environment. Bully bosses, removal of sales territory or demotion to a humiliating role fall into this category. Other conditions like unilateral changes to aspects of compensation with little to no warning or workplace harassment are grounds for alleging constructive dismissal. The variables of these changes and types of workplaces are endless, but it requires a court to find it impossible for you to work under those changed conditions. If this sounds like your situation, contact the employment lawyers at Lecker & Associates before quitting or sending a nasty e-mail to your boss. We work hard to resolve your legal problems, which require a delicate approach we have great familiarity with.

Employment Lawyers Toronto - Contract Workers Rights

Contract Workers’ Rights

The law imposes a multitude of obligations on employers in the event they have an employee. To avoid those obligations, employers will purposely misclassify, contract and pay you like an independent contractor (who do not receive any employment benefits). A misclassification of employment status is unlawful and your employer can be fined or sued for misclassifying your role, regardless of what the paper you signed (or did not sign) says your relationship is. Our law firm has been critical in establishing a middle contractor or what is called “Dependent contractors” who rely heavily on an employer for approximately 45% of their income. Our team of legal specialists will simplify the law here and counsel you to get the compensation you deserve.

Severance Negotiations

C-level employees, executives and managers have components to their remuneration including incentives, equities and bonuses that companies are loathed to pay in a dismissal. Our employment lawyers are masters in maximizing your severance package and litigating where negotiated settlement falls short. We offer highly competitive rates and unparalleled litigators.

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Awareness of Your Rights Offers You The Power to Level The Playing Field With Your Employer.

Employment Law Services in Toronto

The expert employment lawyers at Lecker & Associates have over 35 years of experience advocating for employee rights and denied disability benefits.

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