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Employment Law Services

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Employment Law Services

The last 45 years have seen relentless reform in labour laws for non-unionized workers in Canada. However, we have also witnessed a steep rise in precarious employment, especially over the last decade.  Our seemingly progressive laws do little to curtail the stream of complaints we hear daily from our clients. This makes our mission crystal clear.

We provide employment law services for employees of Ontario.

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Every case we manage is unique and distinctive to the circumstances of our clients. But we see a common theme in all. Our clients lack knowledge about their employee rights and entitlements.

We level this playing field

Wrongful Dismissal - Employment Lawyers Toronto

Wrongful Dismissal

Your employer can let you go for any number of reasons. They can do so “with cause” for misconduct or “without cause” due to an economic downturn. In the latter case, our law requires that they provide you with adequate notice when they make this decision. In lieu of notice, your employer can also offer you equivalent severance pay. A wrongful dismissal case is usually about whether the notice or severance was fair for your circumstances – and this is exactly what our experienced labour lawyers are great at.  We’ve been making these determinations for many years and know what is fair and when your employer has short changed you.

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Maternity Leave

Nobody understands just how precarious job security can feel more than a woman who is pregnant and contemplating maternity leave. Consequently, legislators passed laws that specially protect her employment status from the time she announces her pregnancy or is suspected of it. These same laws also grace both parents with time and space away from work to care for and bond with a newly arrived infant. These are among the most progressive policies in the world. However, regardless of the law, things do not always work out the way they should when you take a leave of absence from your job. Some parents return to find themselves quite unwelcome back. Their job might be gone or drastically changed. Our team of employment lawyers understand the nuances of constructive dismissal very well.

Workplace Harassment - Employment Lawyers Toronto

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is illegal in Ontario. We introduced legislation specifically to address and eradicate it in 2009. You have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. When left unchecked, workplace harassment can escalate to violence. It can cause mental or physical health problems and lead to staff absences. At its peak, it can result in a toxic workplace and constructive dismissal. This type of behaviour benefits nobody and there is no reason whatsoever for your employer to stand by and do nothing about it. If you are in this situation, then you need our employment lawyers to step in to educate your employer.

Job Layoffs - Employment Lawyers Toronto

Job Layoffs

It well understood that in tough economic times, it is the employer and not the employee, who carries the higher financial risk. They must do everything they can to ride out the tide without job layoffs. Sometimes however, businesses have valid temporary reasons for reducing payroll. In these circumstances, job layoffs provide employers with some maneuvering flexibility to reasonably manage unnecessary expenses. There is a fine line here, though. Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of hirings and layoffs with the same employer who offers little by way of job security? Our employment lawyers can assess your situation to see you are caught up in “sham” layoffs. They are completely illegal.

Employment Lawyers Toronto - Disability Benefits

Disability Claims

Does your employer offer group benefits to cover you for short term disability and long term disability claims? Most people never need them however it is great to know you will be covered should you need to take time off to recover from an illness or injury. However, most employees face difficulties when they apply for these benefits. If you have been denied your disability benefits by your employer or the insurance company, then you need legal intervention right away. This is an area of employment law that we specialize in.

Constructive Dismissal

constructive dismissal occurs if you quit your job because of a toxic work environment. The situation was so bad that you could no longer continue. This is one of the most emotionally charged areas of employment law. It is a window into corporate culture at its worst. In over 30 years of practice exclusively representing employees, we have seen it all. Countless employment relationships degenerating to the lowest common denominator.

We Can Help

Awareness of Your Rights Offers You The Power to Level The Playing Field With Your Employer.

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The employment lawyers at Lecker & Associates have helped clients resolve disputes with their employers for over 35 years.

From negotiating fair severance packages, securing disability benefits and offering strategic advice on employment contracts, to litigating egregious human rights violations and workplace harassment cases, we represent our clients aggressively and with swift efficiency.

Unlike others, our focus is singular : To fiercely represent employees and defend their rights.

We operate with deep expertise in this field.