Ex-Cop Finally Paid $630K in Lost Wages Due to PTSD After Years of Living in Poverty

Ex-cop finally paid $630K in lost wages due to PTSD after years of living in poverty | Lecker & Associates

Former Toronto police officer Ralph Thistle says he’s finally able to install a well and running water at the small cabin near Mt. Forest, Ont., he shares with his service dog Rupert.

Thistle’s decade-long battle with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) came to an end last week when he opened his mailbox and found a series of cheques totalling $630,000.

“I opened the box and on top of the flyers I could see envelopes from WSIB. And then I went numb,” he told CBC News.

The money flowed a week after CBC News began looking into why WSIB had waited more than nine months to pay Thistle the money its appeal tribunal determined he was owed because his career was cut short in 2007 due to the post-traumatic stress disorder he acquired during his 29-year policing career.

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