How Do Employment Lawyers Work in Ontario?

How Do Employment Lawyers Work in Ontario? | Leckers Law

Whether you have been wrongfully let go from your job, or you need help reviewing an employment contract, a Toronto employment lawyer can be incredibly beneficial with many different employment-related matters.

But you may be wondering: what exactly does an employment lawyer do, and how do I know if they can help? To give you a better understanding of the topic, we’ll explain the role of an employment lawyer and the legal services they offer.

What Is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer works with individual workers, not members of a union, who need help with various employment-related concerns. These clients can range from multinational employers or various types of employees.

In Ontario, employment lawyers can litigate matters in court, draft documents and review and analyze contracts for legal loopholes.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Employment Lawyer?

There are many benefits of working with an employment lawyer, including, but not limited to:

  • protection of your rights and interests;
  • helping you re-enter the labour market;
  • ensuring you do not break any of your former employer’s post-employment covenants;
  • securing a letter of reference or an employment letter;
  • determining which legal avenue is best for you (courts, tribunal, labour board);
  • protection of your rights and interests;
  • legal guidance and advice;
  • expert negotiation of contract terms and agreements
  • help in obtaining the severance you deserve; and
  • professional representation in court.

Services Offered by Toronto Employment Lawyers

Below, we will briefly explain some of the services an experienced Toronto employment lawyer can provide. These services include:

Help in Navigating Workplace Harassment

If you feel you are a legitimate complainant of workplace harassment, an employment lawyer can review your case and plan your next steps.

Reviewing Contracts, Agreements and Documents

When presented with legally binding agreements and important documents, trying to understand both the terminology and how it applies to your situation can be daunting. An employment lawyer will review all contracts, agreements and applicable paperwork and explain them to you clearly and succinctly.

They will look over paperwork including, but not limited to:

  • employment contracts;
  • termination agreements;
  • severance clauses;
  • non-compete clauses; and
  • non-solicitation clauses.

When reviewing these documents, an employment lawyer looks out for your best interests and pays attention to issues that could negatively affect you.

Assessing Terminations

If you believe you have been unfairly terminated from your job, an employment lawyer can sit down with you and review the details surrounding your termination to review if you have grounds for a wrongful dismissal case. If they find you do have a strong argument or your case has nuances, they can oversee your matter, engage in negotiation, and if need be, represent you in court. An employment lawyer will use these methods and more to help you obtain your legal entitlements upon termination.

Employment lawyers can also work on behalf of an employer when a former employee files a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

How Do I Know If I Need an Employment Lawyer?

We recommend seeking the services of reputable Toronto employment lawyers if you face any of the following situations:

  • Recent termination and you want to negotiate a severance;
  • Wrongful termination;
  • Workplace harassment;
  • Signing a legal document that you need help understanding;
  • Negotiation of an employment contract.

Employment Lawyers in Toronto

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