Invisible Illness and LTD Claims

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Living with an invisible illness can be a daily battle, affecting every aspect of your life, including your ability to work. From chronic pain conditions, like fibromyalgia, and autoimmune diseases, like lupus, to mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety, invisible illnesses can be debilitating. And it is often misunderstood. 

For people struggling to work due to an invisible illness, long-term disability (LTD) benefits provide crucial financial support. However, navigating the LTD claims process can be daunting, especially when facing denials and other legal hurdles. When in doubt, a skilled Toronto disability lawyer can help you navigate the process.

Understanding Invisible Illness and LTD Claims

Invisible illnesses are medical conditions that are not immediately apparent to others. While there are countless invisible illnesses, some common examples include chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Crohn’s disease. These conditions vary widely in severity and symptoms, and none are visible to the naked eye.

LTD claims allow individuals who are unable to work due to their invisible illness to receive financial support through their employer’s insurance policies. However, obtaining LTD benefits can be challenging, with many claims initially denied by insurance companies.

The LTD Claims Process and Denials

The LTD claims process typically involves submitting detailed medical documentation to support your claim, including diagnoses, treatment plans and functional limitations. Despite providing thorough evidence, claims are denied for various reasons, including lack of objective medical evidence, incomplete documentation or disputes over the severity of the condition.

Facing denial can be disheartening and overwhelming, especially when dealing with the effects of an invisible illness. That said, denials can be appealed and the right Toronto disability lawyer can significantly improve your chances of success. 

Canadian Laws and Regulations

In Canada, people with invisible illnesses are protected by laws and regulations that govern disability benefits. The Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on disability, including invisible illnesses, ensuring equal access to employment and accommodation. Additionally, provincial laws like the Ontario Human Rights Code further protect individuals with disabilities.

Navigating laws and regulations can be challenging, especially when dealing with insurance companies that may attempt to minimize or deny legitimate claims. Many of the laws come from fact specific cases that are not widely available and difficult to determine where to start. That is where a Toronto disability lawyer can be invaluable.

How Can a Toronto Disability Lawyer Help?

At Lecker & Associates, we provide legal counsel to resolve disputes or claims in the area of disability and employment in Toronto, Canada. Our extensive experience and proficiency in invisible illnesses and LTD claims offer several advantages. We guide you through the LTD claims process, from gathering necessary medical evidence to navigating legal proceedings. We advocate for your rights, ensuring that your claim is treated fairly and you receive the benefits you deserve. 

The Toronto disability lawyers at our law firm also handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf, relieving you of the stress and frustration of dealing with denials and appeals. We help get you the peace of mind that your income replacement benefits will be there for you while you are recovering. Our experience in Canadian disability laws and regulations allows us to effectively challenge denials and negotiate settlements, maximizing your chances of a successful outcome.

Are You Looking for a Disability Lawyer in Toronto?

Living with an invisible illness and navigating the LTD claims process can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. 

The Toronto disability and employment lawyers at Lecker & Associates are here to advocate for you. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust us to represent you with excellence. Let us protect your rights and give you the support you need to focus on your health and well-being.

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