Jordan Reiner – Partner

Jordan Reiner – Partner

Employment Lawyer, Toronto ON Canada

Jordan Reiner

B.A., M.A., LL.B.

Jordan Reiner, B.A., M.A., LL.B., is a partner with Lecker & Associates, whose practice primarily focuses on employment law, human rights in the workplace and employment-related disability matters. He advocates for employees on a wide range of employment issues including but not limited to those who have been wrongfully dismissed, constructively dismissed, laid off, subject to human rights violations and denied short or long-term disability benefits. Jordan has extensive experience in negotiating severance packages, reviewing employment contracts, engaging in contract negotiations and resolving toxic workplace conflicts that often arise between employees and employers.

Jordan dedicates himself to handling both complex and non-complex employment litigation matters. As a skilled litigator, Jordan has a sound knowledge of the statutes, legal processes and case law.

Jordan is passionate about his work and approaches each matter with a high level of empathy and professionalism. What sets Jordan apart from the rest is his acute ability to develop and adopt legal strategies for even the most difficult employment matters.

Jordan has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Tax Court of Canada, the Landlord and Tennant Board, and the Social Security Tribunal.

Prior to joining Lecker & Associates, Jordan completed his articles in the legal department at a major national bank. He obtained his LL.B. in 2013. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Global Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations. He also spent over 5 years in the Canadian Forces as a lieutenant in the infantry.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about Jordan Reiner

I’d like to start by emphasizing the wonderful experience I got by choosing Jordan Reiner and his assistant Ashley at Lecker & Associates to help me with my severance pay offer. Because of the covid situation, I wasn’t able to meet with Jordan, so everything went by phone conversations and emails.During my first phone appointment with Jordan, he explained to me in detail the options I got and the whole process with all the steps needed to be done. Jordan was brilliant by negotiating a new settlement which was a fair one and much better than the one initially offered to me. Jordan and Ashley kept me updated on all the steps they were going through and were super professional, reliable, supportive and communicative during the whole process. Ashley was responding in less 15 minutes to one of my emails I’ve sent her around 10pm – what more can you ask for? Everything was resolved, case closed in less than 2 months since I contacted them.Thank you Jordan and Ashley for all your help. I definitely recommend Jordan Reiner and Ashley team @ Lecker & Associates for any kind of employment issues.

Marius G

I have been to multiple employment lawyers and never have I met a lawyer like Jordan Reiner. Not only is Jordan the most thorough and knowledgeable employment lawyer I have ever worked with, he is incredibly personable and he gets results! He and his team are excellent communicators, particularly his law clerk, Ashley Hussey. If you have an employment issue, look no further than Jordan Reiner at Lecker & Associates.

Kelly Gray

Lecker & Associates will work hard for you. I was employed for 21 years and was let go with no notice. I was devastated as I loved my job . Jordan Reiner took my case and assured me that he will get me more than what my company was offering me. Jordan Reiner is a go getter and fought tooth and nail and true to his word managed to get much more than I expected. Ashley Hussey would keep me posted on the progress. If you need a best employment lawyer who is compassionate and will WIN your case than you should without any hesitation have Jordan Reiner of Lecker & Associates.

Chandru Hiranandi

Highly recommend for anyone who is doubtful you truly have no reason to be! Jordan and his assistant Ashley truly go out of their way to help. They made the process easy and helped to explain all the legalities in a way that is easy for even me to understand. They helped me and I am forever grateful. Thank you Jordan and Ashley at Lecker & Associates!


I engaged Lecker & Associates to represent me in an employment matter and was impressed with the straight forward way they dealt with my matter. Jordan Reiner and Ashley Hussey really made me feel like my case was important to them. They made sure I understood all my options but let me make the final decisions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an employment lawyer.

Amanda Matthew

I recently had an incredibly professional and pleasant experience with Lecker & Associates. In particular, Jordan Reiner and his team made me feel comfortable and confident from the very beginning of my case straight through to the end. At my initial meeting with Jordan, I knew I would be in good hands. Jordan is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, experienced and straight-to-the-point lawyer. At each step of the process, Jordan answered my questions and provided me with realistic expectations. He always had my best interest in mind and demonstrated his expertise employment law. Jordan’s team was also very helpful and supportive. Prior to choosing Lecker & Associates, I reviewed other well-known firms in the industry but none showed as much care, consideration and expertise in employment law as Jordan and his team did. I highly recommend Lecker & Associates to anyone who requires assistance with resolving employment law matters.

Patricia Whitney

The whole team are very professionals, friendly, accommodating and easy to work or deal with them. They answered your concerns in real time. I am recommending this law firm to anyone who needs their help. Salute to Jordan for all his help throughout the whole process. Excellent team!!!

Annabel Sanidad

Great firm! They show empathy, professionalism, and know how to make you feel as if you’re their only customer. And best of all Jordan Reiner gets positive results. Mr. Reiner was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. We couldn’t be any more satisfied and highly recommend him.

Tony Pajdak

It has taken several weeks for me to write this review because I wanted to wait for initiative shock to settle first. In December 2018, right before the holidays, I came to Lecker and Associates for help with a claim that had been ongoing since 2014. Jordan Reiner, the attorney I met with, was no nonsense and extremely ‘on the ball’ about things. He set reasonable expectations and had what appeared to be a solid strategy to tackle my claim. That said, I was not overly hopeful. Prior to hiring Jordan, I had another attorney at a firm with an ultra impressive reputation handling my file. But the defendant was difficult and my claim was complicated and as a result, my former attorney had managed to make absolutely zero progress on my file. Things were at a point where I felt trapped in a nightmare. Due to the ongoing litigation, I was unable to move on from a period of my life that had ended years before. I was endlessly frustrated and couldn’t help but be fearful that my case would never end and that my great grandchildren would still be fighting it or something equally absurd. Jordan connected with opposing counsel right away and with minimal back and forth, in a matter of weeks, hammered out a settlement that was an absolute best case scenario. All in all, Jordan tackled my file in a manner that was aggressive but not bullying and as a result of his skill and his approach, managed to do the impossible. Even more impressive, he managed to do all of this in relatively little time. I still cannot believe that my case is over and that my claim has been settled. To call Jordan a miracle worker is an understatement comparable to describing a hurricane as a slight breeze. The only regret I have about Jordan is that I did not hire him long ago. If he had not handled much claim way back when it was first filed in 2014. If I had known way back then to hire him, I could have spared myself a lot of time, grief and expense.


Notable Cases

Jordan Reiner

Plaskitt v Aquatech Pump and Power Inc., 2019 HRTO 493. Jordan represented Becki Ann Plaskitt at a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to successfully secure a rare invalidation of her executed termination documents in order to negotiate a fair severance package for his client.

Lyon v Her Majesty the Queen 2018 TCC 89 Kearston M. Lyon found herself in a legal quandry with the Tax Court of Canada over unpaid taxes. Her employer had pegged her as an independent consultant and did not withhold or remit her income taxes. Yet, she performed duties just like an employee. Jordan successfully helped the Tax Court determine that she was an employee.

Fernandez v S.I. System Partnership, 2018 CarswellOnt 19335; 299 A.C.W.S. (3d) 544 : Independent contractor on a fixed term contract. Court held that he was an independent contractor but that the employer acted in bad faith when they terminated the contract, entitling him to the balance of the fixed term.

Tavares v Mistura Restaurant & Hang Out Inc., 2017 HRTO 1553 Human rights case. Employee only worked there for 12 days. Told his employer he had MS and they terminated him the next day. He recorded the conversation and won general damages at the hearing.

Ristanovic v. Corma Inc., 2021 ONSC 3351 (CanLII) Jordan represented two employees in wrongful dismissal cases who were laid off during the early stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The main issue was whether the employer was justified in laying off a large part of its workforce due to financial losses sustained as a result of the Pandemic. Jordan was successful in both cases achieving significant damages awards for both matters.

Hefkey v. Blanchfield, 2020 ONSC 2438 (CanLII) layoff case found to be break in employee’s employment. After the Plaintiff was laid off and retained counsel, the Defendant offered the Plaintiff an opportunity to return to work if he signed a written employment contract with new terms of employment. The court found that it was unreasonable to expect the Plaintiff to sign a new employment contract which, altered the terms of employment. Furthermore, the court found that the Defendant had made it a condition that the Plaintiff accept the terms of he wished to return to work. The Plaintiff was awarded a seven (7) month notice period.