Kimberley Sebag – Partner

Kimberley Sebag – Partner

Employment Lawyer, Toronto ON Canada

Kimberley Sebag

B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.

Kimberley’s legal practice is dedicated to employee advocacy. She has litigated wrongful dismissal cases in Ontario’s Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Small Claims Court. In 2021, Kimberley successfully argued Iriotakis v. Peninsula Employment Services Limited, which is the leading decision in Ontario regarding the deductibility of CERB from damages for reasonable notice. The decision was published in both the Ontario Reports, and Thomson Reuters’ book of Canadian Cases on Employment Law, and has been referred to in over sixteen subsequent decisions across Canada.

In 2022, Kimberley successfully argued Jean-Sebastien Leroux v. Proex Inc. This decision was published in Thomson Reuters’ Carswell’s Practice Cases, Canadian Cases on Employment Law, as well as its Litigator service. It was considered an important case in practice and procedure. Kimberley was also co-counsel at the Court of Appeal for Pavlov v. The New Zealand and Australian Lamb Company Limited, a decision which upheld a ten month notice period for a short-service Director who was terminated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kimberley received her B.C.L and L.L.B. from McGill University in 2016. She also holds a B.A. in History, Sociology and Religious Studies from McGill.

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It was an incredible experience right from the first time we spoke with someone. We had a million questions and never were we made to feel they were unwanted or unnecessary. All communication was positive and incredibly timely, despite the pandemic. Being from the country, we were a bit hesitant at first to be going to Toronto, but I can say, with out reservation, that is the best decision we could have made. Thank you to Kimberly and Eslita, and the rest of the team, for everything you have done!

Melinda Wheeler

My advice to anyone experiencing an employment issue, is to consult Kimberley Sebag. She will explain your rights and help you fight for what you deserve. It is absolutely worth it! Patience is key. Kimberley is exceptional in her knowledge of the law and very strong in communication. I was extremely confident in her abilities and trusted her judgement. She kept me in the loop throughout the case and was transparent with me, offering her advice but also ensuring I was happy with the next step. Kimberley produced the best possible outcome for me, and alleviated most of the stress I experienced. I highly recommend having her by your side. It was the best decision I made.

Camilla Bulkowski

I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a friend who was very happy with the resolution of her employment matter by Mr.Bram Lecker and his team. Kimberley and Eslita did great job on my case, which was solved successfully. I enjoyed working with the team and was impressed with the level of professionalism and amazing customer oriented service. Special thanks to my lawyer Kimberley Sebag for her hard work and patience during the process. It would be my pleasure to recommend Lecker & Associates service to any of my friends. Thank you all!


Lecker & Associates was a great help with my employment case. Ms. Sebag was professional and incredibly responsive, going out of her way to make sure I received the best legal council and support. Dealing with matters of employment law is oftentimes very frustrating and incredibly nerve-wracking, however, Lecker & Associates made the process as stress free as possible. I highly recommend Ms. Kim Sebag and her team at Lecker & Associates

Vanessa MacLean

I cant say enough good things about Kimberly, Eslita and Dora. I was at a loss with what to do when I was let go and the only regret was that I didn’t approach them sooner. I lived with questions for almost two months before going to Leckers & Associates who answered many on day one and continued to throughout the whole process. Every email or call request i sent was answered quickly and professionally regardless of importance. The best part of the whole situation is there is still work to be done after a settlement which they didnt stop a beat. The process of quick responses and diligent service continued right to the end. Sad to part ways with such great people but i hope for my sake i don’t need to use them again; but i certainly will if needed. You’re nuts if you’ve got as far as reading reviews and you dont select this firm. Book an interview and talk to someone. You wont be disappointed.

Terry Jackson