Quiet Firing Is the Latest Workplace Trend

Quiet Firing Is the Latest Workplace Trend | Leckers Law

As “quiet quitting”—which is actually just doing the job you were hired for and not going above and beyond—gains traction among Gen Z workers, so has the concept of “quiet firing.” The topic is sparking conversations on social media where some people argue that the real problem is not with young workers establishing boundaries, but with bosses creating such demoralizing workplaces that employees feel like they have no choice but to throw in the towel.

Employers who want to get rid of workers without outright terminating them might opt to quietly fire them by making their day-to-day so miserable that they eventually leave on their own—a tactic that can potentially save them from paying severance. While there’s renewed interest in the quiet firing conversation, the behaviour itself is not new: There’s a good chance you will experience quiet firing at some point in your career. According to a recent LinkedIn News poll, more than 80 percent of workers have experienced or witnessed quiet firing.

So what does it look like? Like any form of passive-aggressive behaviour, quiet firing can be subtle.

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