The Employee Rights Podcast

The Employee Rights Podcast | Lecker & Associates

Episode 1: Responding To A Termination

You have just received your marching orders at work. What do you do now? In this podcast, Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates discusses exactly how employees should respond to a termination. He offers insight about for-cause and not-for-cause terminations and addresses the rare circumstances where employers can let go of employees without any severance. He provides examples of what constructive dismissal looks like, speaks about the difference between severance and notice pay and when you might be entitled to more than the minimums, along with the “extras” often overlooked by employers.

Episode 2: Common Traps in Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are often one-sided and favour employers. In this podcast, Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates and experienced employment lawyer, discusses how Ontario’s employment laws treat employment contracts.

What should employees pay attention to before signing contracts? Bram provides insight to how employers attempt to limit their liability with terminations, glaring short comings often found in contracts drawn by multinational corporations and the requirement for material considerations when new owners impose fresh contracts on staff when the business changes hands. Bram also discusses non-compete clauses that can limit an employees ability to seek alternative employment.

Episode 3: Protections for Contract Workers

If you primarily work on contract, then this podcast is for you. Bram Lecker, Principal of Lecker & Associates and experienced employment lawyer, discusses how Ontario’s employment laws protect you.

In 2016, Bram’s team successfully represented contract workers, Lawrence and Marilyn Keenan in a case against their employer, Canac Kitchens. They were let go after three decades of service without severance because of their so called “independent contractor” status. This precedent setting case influenced legislative changes and introduced the dependent contractor status, one that has the same protections under the law as employees.

Episode 4: Addressing Employee Mental Health

Approximately 30%-40% of the cases Bram Lecker sees today involve harassment or a toxic work enviroment. Employees are under distress and he has noticed a significant increase over the last decade.

In this podcast, Bram describes what constitutes a toxic workplace and several laws that prohibit it in the workplace. Unfortunately, constructive dismissal becomes an unfortunate byproduct of these circumstances if the matter is not addressed promptly.

Bram also offers insight to what occurs when individuals take time off for mental health reasons and attempt to access employer sponsored short-term or long-term benefits. And finally, Bram addresses the extent of accommodation employers must provide when employees return from sick leave.