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Employment Insurance Documents ROE

Employment Insurance Documents – Understanding your Record of Employment

Employment Insurance Documents – Your Record of Employment (ROE) | In the event of a job loss, look out for your Record of Employment. Your employer prepares this document as a representation of your employment history with them. This is the most important of all employment insurance documents. Service Canada will use information from your ROE to determine your eligibility for an Employment Insurance claim.

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Employment Insurance: Laid Off and Wondering?

Employment Insurance. Laid Off and Wondering What To Do?

Employment Insurance? Laid Off and Wondering What To Do? | Your boss has just fired you. Shell shocked, you come home not knowing what to do. If your employer provided you with a bunch of papers when you left, keep them safe. Catch your breath and give yourself a few days to gather your thoughts.

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class action contract worker lawsuit

Class Action Contract Worker Lawsuit

Class Action Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit Filed by Contract Workers in Ontario. | Seven thousand contract workers filed a class action wrongful dismissal lawsuit against utilities retailer, Just Energy. They claim that this business unjustly enriched itself by classifying them as independent contractors when they were actually employees.

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WSIB Claims Toronto

WSIB Claims – What is WSIB?

WSIB Claims | The WSIB generally operates like any other insurance company. It is not in their best interest to pay out your benefits. And this results in harsh cost-cutting policies that often take priority over employee rights.

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Keenan Case Toronto Star

Keenan Case: $125,000 Precedent Setting Win

This is the highest ever compensation award for contract workers in Canada and we hope the message is loud and clear. Ontario’s top court has made the ground rules crystal clear. Employers can no longer give the self serving title of “independent contractor” to vulnerable workers who are not that independent. – Bram Lecker Feb 2016

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