Quiet Firing Is the Latest Workplace Trend | Leckers Law

Quiet Firing Is the Latest Workplace Trend

As “quiet quitting”—which is actually just doing the job you were hired for and not going above and beyond—gains traction among Gen Z workers, so has the concept of “quiet firing.” The topic is sparking conversations on social media where some people argue that the real problem is not with young workers establishing boundaries, but […]

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Bram Lecker, principal of Lecker & Associates

What Are Employers’ Views on Mental Illness in the Workplace?

Disability claims involving employees suffering from mental illnesses are rising: lawyer This article is part of a series addressing popular topics and questions that clients and the public may have about the legal profession. How employers respond to mental health challenges in their workforce has become an even more salient question since the COVID pandemic […]

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Work-Life Balance | Lecker & Associates - Disability and Employment Lawyers Toronto

Work-Life Balance

As the years go by, the reality and expectation to accommodate work over personal life have become more normal. In the case of Hilton v. Norampac Inc (2003), represented by Principal of Lecker & Associates Bram Lecker, the court reviewed facts regarding child care commitments that interfered with employment. Michael Hilton, the plaintiff, worked for […]

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What To Do If You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work? | Lecker & Associates - Disability and Employment Lawyers Toronto

What To Do If You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work?

Employers are responsible for creating and maintaining a work environment free from all harassment, including sexual harassment. Legally, a company must respond to and address any complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace. If you believe you are being sexually harassed at work, contact a sexual harassment lawyer to discuss your legal options. What is […]

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6 Signs Your Boss Might Be A Narcissist | Lecker & Associates - Disability and Employment Lawyers Toronto

6 Signs Your Boss Might Be A Narcissist

Many of us, unfortunately, encounter a bad boss at some point in our careers. But a narcissistic boss creates its own special kind of headache. At worst, they can chip away at your self-esteem by constantly needling you over your perceived faults and outright insulting you on a constant basis. They are always perfect; you […]

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Stress Leave in Ontario | Lecker & Associates

Stress Leave in Ontario

Workplaces continue to ignore the impact of the pandemic on employee mental health. Some choose to openly discriminate against employees with anxiety and depression, exacerbating the nature of the illness. Consequently, stress leave is on the rise in Ontario.

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Making a Disability Claim in Ontario

Are you prepared financially if you cannot work due to an illness or accident that has left you temporarily or permanently disabled? Most Ontario workers are not. Here is where to seek income support in the wake of such circumstances.

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workplace law for Cannabis Users | Woman with cannabis leaf tattoos smiling in front of a curtain with the Canadian Maple Leaf

Workplace Law for Cannabis Users

Cannabis use is legal in Canada for recreational and medical use. With no employment laws in place specifically addressing its use, employers have filled the gap with workplace policies. If you are a user, then you should understand the law enough to navigate the matter because some workplace policies are sparking heated debates.

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bullying | Torso of a man in a suit with clenched fist in the foreground

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is illegal. In spite of the law, reporting a bully can be a very scary step. You run the risk of retaliation if the bully is a senior or valued employee. Almost always, you will require legal assistance to navigate this minefield.

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